I have always been interested in learning about nutrition and exercise. I have been raised by parents who learned early on – even before it was mainstream – what it meant to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. They understood that eating well and taking care of their bodies was important and instilled those values in me and my sisters throughout our childhood.

My passion of health & wellness developed itself and became a part of not only my personal life but quickly my professional life as well. My career is based on developing and facilitating wellness initiatives targeting groups of people. This opportunity spurred a desire to help people on a different level and more individualized basis – I understand the one-size fits all approach may not work for everyone. I ventured down a path to find out how I could tailor wellness and found health coaching. I became a Certified Health & Wellness Coach because I truly believe in the power of the potential that we all have within us. This unique approach really fosters the relationship between myself and the client. As a coach – I can offer a safe, non-judgmental space for a client to really discover themselves and develop their potential. I truly believe we all have it within ourselves to be who we want to be. What motivates you?

As a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend and co-worker, I really pride myself in setting a good example for the people I care for in my life. I support my clients the same way and provide them with strategies to accomplish their goals.