Cause, Girl, I Am All Over The Place

Lately I have been feeling like who the heck should listen to me. The internal chatter, the ego, has been so loud that most of the time I would rather throw in the towel and call it a day. The ups and down got me thinking and, yes, sometimes doubting myself. I hope this is normal ebb and flow of life stuff.  The idea occurred to me that I am probably not the only one feeling this way.

A few years ago I was seeing Sarah Axtell, ND at Lakeside Natural Medicine. She ran some labs for me looking into my Thyroid, Adrenals, and Hormones (saliva can test for Progesterone, Testosterone, and Estrogen). She is a wonderful resource; I highly recommend her if you are looking for the same. Here are some of the tools in my toolbox she taught me that I’m dusting off.


  • Store seeds in fridge or freezer.
  • Make sure to use ground seeds;  if whole, a coffee grinder works great.
  • I’m trying to sync my cycle(I’m getting a head start- it hasn’t returned yet since my baby) with the moon phases.
  • Evening Primrose Oil is a GOOD source of Omega-6s.


  • Increase Libido
  • Acts as anti-depressant
  • Regulates and normalizes menstrual cycle
  • Increases energy
  • Slip some to your man for an added testosterone boost/sperm count
  • Although it may help fertility, Maca is not recommended for use during pregnancy/nursing.

Here is Sarah Axtell’s overall endocrine tonic and natural energy booster smoothie recipe:


  • 1/2 C mixed berries
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/4 C frozen spinach (or fresh or kale…)
  • 1-2 TB ground seeds (flax or sunflower)
  • 1-2TB maca powder
  • optional- Scoop of your favorite protein powder
  • optional- add matcha green tea for an added energy boost
  • 1 C unsweetened vanilla almond milk (or coconut)

Blend and Enjoy!

It is important to remember your Thyroid, Adrenals, and Liver when working on Hormones. Here are some quick tips:


Some of my TJ go-to’s!

  • You may have guessed it: dairy, grains, coffee, alcohol and sugar are the enemy.
  • Avoid conventional meat – hormones!
  • Quinoa is OK – it’s a seed
  • Small amounts of Stevia/Dates are OK – focus on keeping your blood sugar stable, which is also why you are should avoid carbs.
  • Green Tea is a great alternative to coffee. Improves estrogen metabolism.
  • Brazil nuts are a great source of Selenium – a Thyroid supporter.  5/day
  • Think healthy fats (Ghee is OK – no casein) and protein at every meal.


I hope revisiting this information will help steer me in the right direction.  I feel more in control when I can do small actionable steps, like what I put in my mouth. And maybe another weekend away…(!)

Steeping in course corrections,




My Miracle Morning

If you don’t see me doing my happy dance its probably because I didn’t wake up early to do My Miracle Morning. The older I get the more it becomes blatantly clear that I suck at multi tasking. I suck at being rushed. I suck at doing all the things all at once in the morning.  Thank goodness I saw a Facebook friend was co-hosting a Miracle Morning support group.

There had to be a more graceful way to sart the day. I felt like each day I had to hit ground running (literally, for a crying baby.) Some days I still do. Its all from the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod . HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Real quick, he breaks it down in a sweet little acronym: S.A.V.E.R.S.

SILENCE–  I love Gabrielle Bernstein for all things meditation, you can check out her beginers guide here. Headspace is a popular app also. Miracle-Morning

AFFIRMATION– This can be whatever you need at the moment. I even set my alarm to say “I choose what I see” in the afternoon just for a reality check.

VISUALIZATION– Remember your magazine collages you did? Pintrest is great for this! Or day dream. Or, full disclosure, one morning I just scrolled Insta. Counts, right???

EXERCISE– Right now I am working through The Journey Junkie’s Chakra Yoga Challenge and The Balanced Life Pilates Challenge. Both FREE!

Its pretty epic to watch the sun rise from your yoga mat.

094e4bbb9a937e3b0a4ecc02817f7b1eREADING– Almost finished with this book but I already have a list of whats next! I haven’t read, well, sense I had kids, LOL. Now I am adding books to my life again. Dying to get my hands on Brene Brown’s Into the Wilderness next. How many pages can you read in 10 minutes? That adds up!

SCRIBE– JOURNALING – I like to do a brain dump, or Ill write out my affirmations here. Bullet Journals… Danielle LaPort’s journal prompts are just soul stirring, so many options.


He says to wake up an hour early to spend 10 minutes on each section. But you can do it any which way you want. Or do them for just a minute a piece, or spend 30 minutes on one and 5 on another. IMO you will want to wake up even earlier to have more time just to yourself.

I look forward to mornings now, WHAT?!?!

This time gives me the opportunity to get clear on my day, bring life to ideas, drink hot tea, READ, and move my body. I love the energy of the morning. Its better for me and its better for my family.

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams. ~Oprah

My Miracle Morning has a whole community. Its a little Raw Raw but I still recommend the book. You can sign up for a few free chapters/video/audio by clicking above.


So there you have it! Anything to feel a little more like myself again.

Steeping my hot tea, Ahhh


***If this speaks to you and you want to try I would love to hear about it! Maybe we could get our own little support group going.

Lighting Me Up

I am totally one of those people who probably looked in your shower. I love looking in your makeup bag…and peaking in your fridge. One of my favorite parts of doing the High Vibin’ series is finding out what is inspiring, what is useful, or just what people are enjoying at the moment. Here is some of what has been lighting me up!


  • Truth+Dare:  A podcast dedicated to female empowerment through living our truth and daring to change. Join in the conversation and tune in! These girls are the real deal. Each Wednesday I look forward to their topics and insights.
  • The mindbodygreen Podcast: I have had to remove myself from their mailing list not once but twice because I get lost down the rabbit hole of this one. When they recently started there own podcast I knew I would love it.

Yoga: I have recently discovered a newfound desire to up my yoga game, or start one.  I was never one who really enjoyed yoga, but that has curiously changed recently.

  • Sunflower Yoga Therapy: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Biz is, hands down, my favorite yoga instructor in the MKE area. Turns out I enjoy a slow meditative flow with guidance to the hows and whys. So full of knowledge, she is truly a little beam of light! It’s a gift whenever I am able to make a class, which is not too common these days. So excited I bit the bullet and signed up for my first ever yoga retreat next month up in Door County. Never thought I would say that!
  • The Journey Junkie: Facebook for the win with this suggestion.  I realized in all my years of practicing yoga, I never really learned the basics. Would kinda just look around the room to see if I was doing it right!  Turns out I wasn’t. I am following along a 30 day Facebook Challenge that thankfully gets beyond the usual poses. Fun in little 5-8 minute flows.

Carrot Bomb: I can’t have a list of my favorite things without mentioning my girl


Daucus is Latin for carrot!

Loulou. I have written before about her, and her bone broths here. Keep an eye out ’cause this lady is realizing her dreams by launching her ‘farm to truck’ food truck “The Raucous Daucus” any day now! Think the best sourdough you have ever had dipped in her gut healing, soul satisfying, bone broth based soups, amazing grilled cheeses… ALMOST making me look forward to the colder weather. She is a secret no more! I’m actually sipping her Turmeric Ginger broth as I write.


Rx Bars: Just a little something that has made my life a little easier, my new go-to protein bar. Not only for me but my little guy too! They make a kid size Rx Kids option that has come in handy more times than once when we are out and about or when I am slammed with clients. My husband even commented on how satisfying they are. Good thing I joined their email list – they send out some worthwhile deals and email-only releases!

The Moon: Now, this is something that I have been dabbling in for awhile now. I remember a few years ago I went in for a Reiki session and the lady said I should set out a glass of water that night because there was a new moon and drink what she called “moon water.” I almost laughed my way out of the room. IMG-0006

Well, jokes on me. Not only for harmonizing hormones, but for intention setting. I gotta say, somehow connecting with the moon makes me feel, well, more connected. In flow with nature if you will.  If balancing your hormones sounds interesting check out ‘seed cycling’. My hope is to have my cycle sync with the moon cycle once it comes back from having my second baby. (I can see my sister rolling her eyes at the one, lol.)  If goal/intention setting is your thing I really enjoy following the Lunar Yoga program that Yoga with Kassandra offers and  Lunar Abundance. This deserves its own post-I will write more soon!

ReFocus+ReCharge: Hello! Last but definitely not least is my partner in crime here at Steeped, Megan’s online Facebook Group. Where we figure out where we abandoned ourselves, where we found ourselves, but most importantly how the heck to get on with it!  I highly recommend jumping into the next one. Megan has created such a great little space to open up and be vulnerable.

Maybe one of my things should be Facebook Groups!


Steeping in the full moon tonight,



What is Failure?

Ah, fear and failure, not very glamorous topics.  But if you are like me you may be motivated, or stuck, by these two feelings. I was listening to a podcast recently (famous last words) and the topic of fears and failure came up.  He said, and I am paraphrasing- “Failure isn’t losing- It’s not being authentic.”

Failure is not going for it. Playing small.

“So when you play it safe & small and you are aren’t authentic, you’re a failure. And you get the chance every day to prove yourself.”  I don’t know about you but that hit me. Am I being authentic in my day to day life? Am I speaking my truth in my relationships? Do I share what’s on my mind or shy away from how I really feel? Am I seeking validation  (especially in this social media likes/followers/fans world)? Do I stuff down bigger dreams because they would be too risky? Do I avoid conversations, opportunities, creative outlets because of criticism? Oh criticism- that’s a big one.

Geared more towards wellness: Is there a class or group you would like to join but you are afraid because you may not know anyone? Won’t know what you are doing? Maybe you would like to change you the way you eat but don’t think that your family will support you.

Hello fear.

Having fear, being fearless, and in my case, learning to fearless. Curiosity and fear go hand in hand. It’s good to be curious! Its time to be curious. It’s how we grow and learn and try new things. To live authentically, your truth, you have to stop worrying about what makes others happy. This is something I will have to sit with for awhile. Heck, actually get my journal out again and stop thinking that it would be a good idea to get my journal out again.

I don’t want to play my life safe, or small, or inauthentic. And if you are already apart of our readership I would bet you don’t either. Its time to lean into that curiosity and feel the excitement fear sometimes squashes.

Tony Robbins says something pretty funny every morning on his way to his cold ice water bath.

“You’re working for me, Bitch.”

This would have been a good title lol. Yes, he says that to himself every morning. His body might be saying you don’t have to go in the bath today, you did yesterday. No body will know. OR- I worked out yesterday I don’t have to today. Nobody will know if I eat ______. I know you know what I am talking about. I dare you to say the same when that little voice of doubt creeps in.

Let’s make a decision to try to be our authentic self. Sign up for that class. Start eating in a way that makes you feel good. Reach out to that person who inspires you. You get to decide each and every day.


My partner here at Steeped started a private Facebook group reFOCUS |reCHARGE yesterday. If you need accountability to help you reFOCUS on what is important and reCHARGE your desire to achieve your goals, I encourage you to join, it’s not too late! You can check out Steeped In Wellness on Facebook, please comment if you would like in.

Steeping in not playing small,


**If you would like to hear more of that podcast, I highly recommend subscribing to Tim Ferris (hubba hubba). This was episode #256 with advisor to Olympians Michael Gervais.



Don’t Let Yourself Get Stuck

Every now and then I go back and revisit my notes and books from my health coaching school, IIN, to stay inspired in my journey. I need to be reignited. I opened my book right to this exercise; AH, perfect. A letter to myself. I thought if it helped me, I would share it with you. Take time to create the space you need to do it.  I need this kind of moment to set my intentions, to listen more carefully, and act in a more loving way.

Just begin.

Come back to it. Come back to it again and again. For me, once the thoughts start flowing, they build upon themselves after a good walk. Here is my start~

Dearest body of mine,

After careful thought and consideration, I hereby promise to

  • Accept you and be grateful for you the way you are
  • Fuel you with nourishing foods
  • Realize that laughter, play, and rest help you feel good
  • Exercise regularly and appropriately for my body by adding movement everyday
  • Understand that my unexpressed emotions and thoughts affect you
  • Listen to the messages you are sending me when you are tired or sick
  • Accept that I have the power to heal you
  • Realize that you deserve to be healthy
  • Cultivate a wardrobe that projects an image I am proud of
  • Nurture my relationships
  • Follow through on the little ideas that I keep in the back of my mind
  • Express gratitude to those in my life
  • Honor you as the temple of my soul

I love you so much,


Its a start!

We will always be working on our health, our wellness. Its our journey. The real question is:

What are you going to do with your health???


Steeping in Metta (loving kindness)




Does My Scent Offend You?

Ah, my progression of deodorants. This whole deodorant debacle left me so confused for awhile I just said forget it, I wont use anything.  I was OK with a little ‘aroma’ in lieu of all the information I was hearing about chemicals and aluminum, estrogen, and breast cancer… The list of ingredients wrecking havoc on and in my body goes on.  My husband did not agree with me. Clearly, I have to find a solution to this problem.

I have been collecting deodorants like chap stick ever since.

  • Secret- Powder Fresh. My OG
  • Toms- ah, my gateway deodorant. The regular never worked so then I tried the Men’s formula thinking that was a bit more heavy duty…
  • KissMyFace- not so much
  • DoTerra- really pulls putting on
  • Schmidt’s– works but, again, hurts putting on. I love that it uses charcoal which absorbs 1,000x its weight in moisture. The jar does state to leave it on your skin to help ‘it melt’ to glide on. I haven’t found that to be the case. They also have some interesting smell combos that don’t use charcoal. Bergamot/Lime? Cedarwood/Juniper?

The online world of deodorant is a pretty competitive & happening space these days.

Which is good for me because I can’t walk down that aisle at Target without getting a headache. I have been talking to friends about what was working for them and it was actually Megan (my awesome Steeped partner) who first told me about PiperWai, “You know the one from Shark Tank” she said.

Then I saw“>this!


Are you using anything that you love? How do you feel about using your fingers to apply vs. a stick?


Did you watch it?

Pretty good right? It tells you everything you need you need to know. If you would like a bit more clarification on deodorant vs anti-antiperspirant you can read this. The idea of chemically blocking the body’s natural response does not seem OK to me.

Aiight, I’m in. Friends’ recommendation? Check. Amazing Marketing? Check, check, & check. (I am an Advertising grad after all. )

I hear putting on deodorant at night is great way to stay ahead of the smell. Our sweat actually doesn’t smell until it comes in contact with bacteria, this way you can help absorb the moisture before it becomes a problem.

I’ll keep you posted.  Native is another company some friends are raving about.


Not Steeping In The Aroma,



*This morning I Marie Kondo-ed my deodorants that were not bringing me joy. Some of these were YEARS old!

Sunny Side Up

As a teen and into my twenties, I had a different perspective about sun tanning than I do now into my *ahem* thirties. Interesting how life is like that. That feeling of invincibility in our young years sure was exciting but as a mother of two with responsibilities (whaaaa…wha), life is different. I recently provided a webinar about sun safety to some of my clients and I thought I would share some of the highlights. Since we (at least in Wisconsin) are among the longest days of the summer here, time outside is mandatory. Which means, protecting our skin is also mandatory. Here are some answers to some of your burning – haha see what I did there?? – questions.

Skin Health Colin Nora

How much unprotected sun exposure do you need to get enough Vitamin D?

The truth is, it doesn’t take much sun exposure for the body to produce vitamin D. The limit of unprotected sun exposure is recommended for no more than 10-15 minutes of exposure to the arms, legs, abdomen and back, 2-3 times a week followed by good sun protection. That amount of exposure is all that is needed. Any more exposure isn’t a benefit and your body starts disposing it to avoid an overload of the vitamin at which point your sun exposure is giving you nothing but sun damage without any of the presumed benefit.

hand with sun.jpg

How does SPF protect me?

Sunscreen can be confusing, there are many options and ingredients to pick from. There are two types – UVA & UVB that can damage the skin and increase risk of skin cancer. It’s important to know that sunscreens vary in their ability to protect again UVA/UVB.

SPF is a measure of the sunscreen’s ability to prevent UVB from damaging the skin. SPF theoretically prevents reddening to the skin from sunlight 15 times longer – so SPF 15 would be about 5 hours if it would take 20 minutes for your unprotected skin to start turning red. Each person’s skin is different so each person should pick the SPF that makes sense for them.

What are the active ingredients in my sunscreen and how to do they protect me?

Active sunscreen ingredients fall into two main types – chemical and physical. Chemical ingredients such as avobenzone or benzophenone work by absorbing UV, reducing the penetration into the skin. Physical ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide stay on top of the skin and deflect US rays.

It essential for your sunscreen to offer broad spectrum protection. Which means it offers both UVA & UVB protection. UVA rays penetrate the skin deeper which causes wrinkles, sagging and signs of aging in the skin.

Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • No sunscreen should be expected to stay effective longer than two hours with reapplication.
  • Water resistant and sweat resistant indicate whether the sunscreen remains effective for 40 minutes or 80 minutes when you are swimming or sweating. No sunscreen is fully waterproof or sweat proof. You still need to reapply often.
  • Keep in mind that the dangerous days aren’t just the ones that are hot and sunny. Up to 80% of UV rays can penetrate clouds. You can really get burned on those overcast days when you’re not thinking about the sun.
  • Cover up what you can. Clothing can be your most effective form of sun protection, so make the most of it with tightly woven or knit, dark- or bright-colored fabrics, which offer the best defense. Look for UV-absorbing clothing with UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) rating.
  • Seek the shade, especially between 10 AM and 4 PM

Steeping in Skin Health,



Resource: SkinCancer.Org


There Is A New Bone Broth On The Block

I have written about my love of bone broth, encapsulated my love in images, and drink it several times a week. In the past I would have my stove top going hours on end, then I moved on to the Crockpot which enabled me to keep it simmering overnight, and then I graduated to Carrot Bomb’s sipper broths. All of these are great ideas (especially Carrot Bomb) but all of them have drawbacks. Time, freezing,  and having them ready when the inspiration to cook something up comes to mind.

This is where Kettle & Fire comes in

Kettle and Fire is located at Whole Foods now, BUT they are also delivering right to your door step! I am so excited about this- Kettle and Fire is offering YOU, our fans, 10% off your first order by entering STEEPEDINWELLNESS10 at check out! If you order 6 or more cartons, shipping is waived too.

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Nope- you dont taste it!

Benefits specific to Kettle & Fire Chicken

  • Fresh, never-frozen bone broth. They are the only company that has a fresh bone broth that won’t go bad, doesn’t require freezing and doesn’t ship with harmful styrofoam containers and dry ice.
    • They package it while it’s hot (so no germs can get in), and in what’s known as an “aseptic” vacuum environment so there are zero pathogens in the box or in the packaging area. This means no spoilage and a 2 year shelf-life with no added preservatives or additives!
  • This bone broth is made from all organic chicken bones
  • Super high amounts of collagen and gelatin since they use chicken feet
  • The slow-simmer time extracts insane amount of proteins (10g protein per serving!)
  • The organic chicken bones they use results in higher quality bones and more flavorful bone broth
  • Combination of chicken bones, veggies and spices create an amazingly delicious bone broth.

Pretty Basic Ingredients!

Overall benefits of bone broth consumption

  • Joint health  –Having had knee surgery this is super important to me.
    • Bone broth contains tons of collagen, the protein that makes up bones, tendons, ligaments and other flexible tissues.
    • Bone broth contains other proteins like gelatin, proline and glycine
    • Contains lots of Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), including glucosamine, that are commonly taken as supplements to reduce joint pain and inflammation
  • Digestion -Last week I had an awful stomach bug and was lucky enough to have this on hand to drink. It’s filling, nourishing, and easy- which is a huge bonus when you Processed with VSCO with a9 presetare under the weather.
    • The glycine and glutamine – both amino acids found in large quantities in bone broth – help maintain the integrity of the intestinal wall, preventing leaky gut.
    • The collagen found in bone broth helps improve digestion by ensuring that the stomach lining is healthy.
  • Skin –Great for aiding in the affects of sun exposure- HELLO summer!
    • In the same way that bones are comprised of proteins, so is your skin. Skin loses elasticity and hair becomes brittle when nutrient deficient. One of the single best ways to restore luster to skin and hair is to consume collagen. Consuming collagen-rich bone broth can increase connective tissue, reduce cellulite and tighten your skin.
  • Detoxification – I am always looking for ways to support my body.
    • The glycine found in bone broth supports the liver in one of its primary duties: to collect, compound, and orchestrate removal from the body. Glycine also helps the body to reduce oxidative stress by producing antioxidants.
  • Contains minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium from bone breakdown.




Here are some ways I like to use it:

SIPPING! -I always heat on the stove, there is something that doesn’t seem right about heating it up in the microwave. I’ll add whatever spices I am feeling.



It makes me pretty happy this guy gets the goodness when he eats too.


  • Turmeric with a pinch of salt and pepper
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Curry Powder and some coconut milk

COOKING – Rice/Quinoa- Makes a great depth of flavor. I’ll add spices here too, depending on what I am making up.

SMOOTHIES – YES! And, no, you can’t even taste it. Which is great for these summer months when you may not want to be sipping hot broth but still want all the goodness. I think this needs its own post – stay tuned!

SOUPS – and never look back. Most store bought containers are full of sodium and not made with all the free range and organic meats and veggies that this is.

MY DOG – I am that mo;, just freeze up some in ice cubes tray for a great summer treat!

I am so excited we buddied up with them and are able to give you this discount. Remember to enter STEEPEDINWELLNESS10 at checkout through our special link for your discount off your first order.

We hope you try and enjoy as much as we have!

Steeping in Organic Broth Goodness,



*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning we get a small kick back. We wouldn’t support anything we don’t use and love. Thank you for supporting our Green Smoothie and Beer Garden Habits.

Charcoal Smoothie: Is It Worth It?

Is drinking charcoal really a thing? Recently I have seen it pop up all over the place from smoothies to deodorant. Charcoal in a smoothie? Why would you do that?

Turns out activated charcoal is having a moment.

I recently saw a post that a local smoothie shop had a new activated charcoal smoothie and said to myself, “I have to try that!” I gotta say it was good, maybe a little gritty, but good!

But why?

People use charcoal for a number of reasons:

  • overdose
  • alcohol poisoningchar2
  • teeth whitening
  • mold cleansing
  • water filtration
  • acne clearing
  • reduce cholesterol
  • help with hangovers
  • bloating and gas
  • digestive cleansing

It appears activated charcoal can have major health benefits. It works by trapping toxins and chemicals (such as the pesticides in our food, chemicals in our water, food by-products that produce gas/bloat in our bellies) in all of its tiny pores. In fact, the activated charcoal’s surface binds to most organic compounds allowing for quicker elimination before it’s absorbed by the body.

But wouldn’t that mean that it binds to beneficial substances like minerals too? Well, yea.

This stuff is super absorbent. If you were to ingest this all the time thinking that you are ‘cleansing your body’ you could be doing more harm than good. While you were eliminating some bad stuff, you are also eliminating the good stuff.  I think in the right setting of a medical professional it’s a great tool, like in alcohol poisoning. It’s a man made supplement and we at Steeped in Wellness really don’t think anyone thing can be, or is, a miracle pill.  Your body is amazing – let it do it’s thing by supporting it with fruits/vegetables and water, even charcoal filtered water!

If you are going to use it internally it’s important to know:

  • INCREASE water intake-  this stuff can really, ahem, back you up.
  • choose a food grade activated charcoal made from coconut shells or other natural source *this is not BBQ charcoal which is full of chemicals.
  • use for a short period of time

So is it worth it?

IF I was by a smoothie shop AND hungover, yea, I probably would order one.  The girls at the smoothie shop claimed people swear by it for that. But how often does that happen? Not much.

I did, however, just order deodorant with it in it- I’ll keep you posted!

Steeping in a craze,



Sometimes we are exposed to an idea and it just clicks. It gets you excited and you want to know more and do more. That’s what happened to my co-worker Heather and I with The AromaTouch technique.  We already had a love for Doterra’s essential oils and as Massage Therapists LOVED the idea of using them in this way for our clients.

“AromaTouch is not a massage but a technique that stimulates body meridians, energy zones and elicits a profound effect on the body systems and viscera through the rhythmic application of touch and specific aroma to stimulate a state of balance commonly known as homeostasis.

The AromaTouch Technique has three significant attributes. First is to enhance the utilization and therapeutic result of eight specific essential oils.  The AromaTouch Technique offers the right balance between essential oil benefit and biophysical tolerance.

Secondly is to address specific conditions of health that are known to be constants in their overall impact on health related issues. These known conditions are identified as “systemic constants.” Addressing these four major health constants through the therapeutic activity of essential oils is helpful in modifying many specific symptoms and core wellness issues.

Lastly is to re-establish a state of homeostasis. Homeostasis is defined by many to be a state of wellbeing. Homeostasis is much more than a perception of wellness it is how the body functions collectively. The AromaTouch Technique helps to balance activity between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Homeostasis then is described as our capacity to appropriately react to emotional and physical stressors.”

Pretty cool


There are 8 essential oils broken up into 4 categories:

  1. Emotional calming and grounding
  1. doTerra Balance: a combination of tree oils and roots. The soft energy is excellent for re-connecting and grounding when your mind has been racing. Encourages one to stay in the moment to manifest their vision.
  2. Lavender: supports individuals in releasing tension and constriction that stems from fear of expressing oneself.
  1. Cleansing
  1. Melaleuca: or Tea Tree the oil of energetic boundaries; helps clear one’s energetic boundaries.
  2. doTerra On Guard: the oil of protection strengthens one’s immune system physically and also against negative energies. It helps to strengthen one’s inner resolve.
  1.   Physically relaxing
  1. AromaTouch: the oil of whole self relaxation and healing.
  2. Deep Blue: the oil of surrendering pain. Generally used for physical pain but can help individuals who are resisting emotions that underlie their physical pain.
  1.   Invigorate
  1. Wild Orange: the oil of abundance which restores one’s physical energy.
  2. Peppermint: the oil of a buoyant heart. Invigorating to body, mind, and spirit. Seals in the previous oils to assist in their healing.

I wish I was on the table right now! Life can be hard. I heard the other day that


Taking care of these vessels we are in is our job. This is just a delicious way to honor that.

If this sounds like something you would like, or a Mom in your life, give us a call at Invivo Wellness on MKE’s east side.


Steeping in the aroma,