Does My Scent Offend You?

Ah, my progression of deodorants. This whole deodorant debacle left me so confused for awhile I just said forget it, I wont use anything.  I was OK with a little ‘aroma’ in lieu of all the information I was hearing about chemicals and aluminum, estrogen, and breast cancer… The list of ingredients wrecking havoc on and in my body goes on.  My husband did not agree with me. Clearly, I have to find a solution to this problem.

I have been collecting deodorants like chap stick ever since.

  • Secret- Powder Fresh. My OG
  • Toms- ah, my gateway deodorant. The regular never worked so then I tried the Men’s formula thinking that was a bit more heavy duty…
  • KissMyFace- not so much
  • DoTerra- really pulls putting on
  • Schmidt’s– works but, again, hurts putting on. I love that it uses charcoal which absorbs 1,000x its weight in moisture. The jar does state to leave it on your skin to help ‘it melt’ to glide on. I haven’t found that to be the case. They also have some interesting smell combos that don’t use charcoal. Bergamot/Lime? Cedarwood/Juniper?

The online world of deodorant is a pretty competitive & happening space these days.

Which is good for me because I can’t walk down that aisle at Target without getting a headache. I have been talking to friends about what was working for them and it was actually Megan (my awesome Steeped partner) who first told me about PiperWai, “You know the one from Shark Tank” she said.

Then I saw“>this!


Are you using anything that you love? How do you feel about using your fingers to apply vs. a stick?


Did you watch it?

Pretty good right? It tells you everything you need you need to know. If you would like a bit more clarification on deodorant vs anti-antiperspirant you can read this. The idea of chemically blocking the body’s natural response does not seem OK to me.

Aiight, I’m in. Friends’ recommendation? Check. Amazing Marketing? Check, check, & check. (I am an Advertising grad after all. )

I hear putting on deodorant at night is great way to stay ahead of the smell. Our sweat actually doesn’t smell until it comes in contact with bacteria, this way you can help absorb the moisture before it becomes a problem.

I’ll keep you posted.  Native is another company some friends are raving about.


Not Steeping In The Aroma,



*This morning I Marie Kondo-ed my deodorants that were not bringing me joy. Some of these were YEARS old!


Sunny Side Up

As a teen and into my twenties, I had a different perspective about sun tanning than I do now into my *ahem* thirties. Interesting how life is like that. That feeling of invincibility in our young years sure was exciting but as a mother of two with responsibilities (whaaaa…wha), life is different. I recently provided a webinar about sun safety to some of my clients and I thought I would share some of the highlights. Since we (at least in Wisconsin) are among the longest days of the summer here, time outside is mandatory. Which means, protecting our skin is also mandatory. Here are some answers to some of your burning – haha see what I did there?? – questions.

Skin Health Colin Nora

How much unprotected sun exposure do you need to get enough Vitamin D?

The truth is, it doesn’t take much sun exposure for the body to produce vitamin D. The limit of unprotected sun exposure is recommended for no more than 10-15 minutes of exposure to the arms, legs, abdomen and back, 2-3 times a week followed by good sun protection. That amount of exposure is all that is needed. Any more exposure isn’t a benefit and your body starts disposing it to avoid an overload of the vitamin at which point your sun exposure is giving you nothing but sun damage without any of the presumed benefit.

hand with sun.jpg

How does SPF protect me?

Sunscreen can be confusing, there are many options and ingredients to pick from. There are two types – UVA & UVB that can damage the skin and increase risk of skin cancer. It’s important to know that sunscreens vary in their ability to protect again UVA/UVB.

SPF is a measure of the sunscreen’s ability to prevent UVB from damaging the skin. SPF theoretically prevents reddening to the skin from sunlight 15 times longer – so SPF 15 would be about 5 hours if it would take 20 minutes for your unprotected skin to start turning red. Each person’s skin is different so each person should pick the SPF that makes sense for them.

What are the active ingredients in my sunscreen and how to do they protect me?

Active sunscreen ingredients fall into two main types – chemical and physical. Chemical ingredients such as avobenzone or benzophenone work by absorbing UV, reducing the penetration into the skin. Physical ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide stay on top of the skin and deflect US rays.

It essential for your sunscreen to offer broad spectrum protection. Which means it offers both UVA & UVB protection. UVA rays penetrate the skin deeper which causes wrinkles, sagging and signs of aging in the skin.

Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • No sunscreen should be expected to stay effective longer than two hours with reapplication.
  • Water resistant and sweat resistant indicate whether the sunscreen remains effective for 40 minutes or 80 minutes when you are swimming or sweating. No sunscreen is fully waterproof or sweat proof. You still need to reapply often.
  • Keep in mind that the dangerous days aren’t just the ones that are hot and sunny. Up to 80% of UV rays can penetrate clouds. You can really get burned on those overcast days when you’re not thinking about the sun.
  • Cover up what you can. Clothing can be your most effective form of sun protection, so make the most of it with tightly woven or knit, dark- or bright-colored fabrics, which offer the best defense. Look for UV-absorbing clothing with UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) rating.
  • Seek the shade, especially between 10 AM and 4 PM

Steeping in Skin Health,



Resource: SkinCancer.Org


Charcoal Smoothie: Is It Worth It?

Is drinking charcoal really a thing? Recently I have seen it pop up all over the place from smoothies to deodorant. Charcoal in a smoothie? Why would you do that?

Turns out activated charcoal is having a moment.

I recently saw a post that a local smoothie shop had a new activated charcoal smoothie and said to myself, “I have to try that!” I gotta say it was good, maybe a little gritty, but good!

But why?

People use charcoal for a number of reasons:

  • overdose
  • alcohol poisoningchar2
  • teeth whitening
  • mold cleansing
  • water filtration
  • acne clearing
  • reduce cholesterol
  • help with hangovers
  • bloating and gas
  • digestive cleansing

It appears activated charcoal can have major health benefits. It works by trapping toxins and chemicals (such as the pesticides in our food, chemicals in our water, food by-products that produce gas/bloat in our bellies) in all of its tiny pores. In fact, the activated charcoal’s surface binds to most organic compounds allowing for quicker elimination before it’s absorbed by the body.

But wouldn’t that mean that it binds to beneficial substances like minerals too? Well, yea.

This stuff is super absorbent. If you were to ingest this all the time thinking that you are ‘cleansing your body’ you could be doing more harm than good. While you were eliminating some bad stuff, you are also eliminating the good stuff.  I think in the right setting of a medical professional it’s a great tool, like in alcohol poisoning. It’s a man made supplement and we at Steeped in Wellness really don’t think anyone thing can be, or is, a miracle pill.  Your body is amazing – let it do it’s thing by supporting it with fruits/vegetables and water, even charcoal filtered water!

If you are going to use it internally it’s important to know:

  • INCREASE water intake-  this stuff can really, ahem, back you up.
  • choose a food grade activated charcoal made from coconut shells or other natural source *this is not BBQ charcoal which is full of chemicals.
  • use for a short period of time

So is it worth it?

IF I was by a smoothie shop AND hungover, yea, I probably would order one.  The girls at the smoothie shop claimed people swear by it for that. But how often does that happen? Not much.

I did, however, just order deodorant with it in it- I’ll keep you posted!

Steeping in a craze,


Massage Hair Don’t Care

I can’t very well start back to work (shameless self plug – I am also a Massage Therapist) and not shout from the rooftops the benefits of Massage for your body.  There is something about what I do that I just love. Of course it’s the fact that I can help people relax, with pain, and therapeutically, but it’s more than that; it’s helping them reconnect to themselvesThat’s one of the reasons I love getting on the table- it reminds me why I do what I do. I tell my clients there is no hiding on the table; whatever is going on comes to the surface. That could mean physically but also emotionally. “Stress and toxins build up and accumulate in the mind and body. By manually working with skin, Ayurveda claims you can help bring yourself back to the present moment and reduce excessive VATA energy, or an overabundance of the air element that can make you feel flighty, anxious, and undergrounded. In other words, the sense of touch can help settle your overactive, restless mind as it recharges and rejuvenates you.” – Kimberly Snyder

Over the last few weeks I have made a conscious effort to practice Abbyanga, an ancient form of self massage. Its great to get on the table, but that’s not always realistic. I meant to do it everyday…well, it didn’t quite work out that way. But, in all the crazy of life, I need a way to ground myself. Ayurveda believes in the connection of manually working the skin to the health of the muscles underneath AND the importance of  improving circulation and detoxification. Massage is a powerful tool for detoxing by stimulating the blood and lymph vessels.

The Lymph is an often forgotten about system that is devoted to healing and immunity.

Working with the circulatory system to keep blood and fluid levels balanced, it is able to flush toxins out. Fluid squeezed from the blood, interstitial fluid, or ‘lymph,’ transports waste to your lymph nodes through a series of vessels similar to veins. Then the fluid is filtered and eventually returned to the bloodstream. The Lymphatic system is self circulating, the heart does not pump it. Outside of gravity, muscle contraction, and movement, these other methods of manipulation help support it.

Even though I didn’t practice Abyyanga, Ayurvedic Self-Massage  everyday, I certainly did enjoy it and plan to make it more of a daily care ritual. It claims to help balance your entire mind-body, relieve fatigue, provide stamina, enhance sleep, promote a better complexion, increase longevity… you get the idea. While I can’t say that ALL that happened for me, I did get into it.

I felt luxurious.

Of course ALL massage makes me feel pretty luxurious. But even I don’t get on the table as often I as would like (Heck, I can’t even enjoy a few extra minutes beyond a quick shower as often as I would like!). This way I feel I can get some of the benefits for the reasonable price of a bottle of oil. I used Aura Cacia’s oil – you can pick it up at Whole Foods or Outpost. If you are looking for something, a little extra something, you are can do for yourself that gives you a moment to just reconnect. This could be it. Please follow the link above for directions.


Steeping in grounding care,


*I never warmed my oil- ain’t nobody got time for that!





BeautyCounter is at Target!

Why should you care eco-beauty babes? Because it’s pretty awesome. I am coming to you a day early because, why wait? Holistic skin care company BeautyCounter’s mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone, sustainably sourced, and at luxe level.  They have gone above and beyond what the U.S. allows and restricts over 1,500 harmful ingredients on their NEVER list. Normally you can either buy online or through a consultant. (May I recommend Julie Nibbe? Not only is she fun to follow on Social, she has a passion for all things wellness, and happens to have a September special). If you are more of a walk-the-aisles aficionado for a LIMITED TIME they are launching a capsule collection with one of my favs! What are you still waiting for? Go, I’ll be here!

By now you must realize that I love to change things. In my mind it’s always for the better; even when I dyed my hair black back in college (yep, that was a good decision…). If I knew then what I know now! Specifically, that dark permanent hair dyes contain coal tar ingredients such as: aminophenol, diaminobenzene, and phenylenediamine, which are linked to cancer.

Megan and I are not only conscious of what goes in our bodies, but what goes on them as well. The more we learn, the more good changes we can make!bc3 Now that I am pregnant again, I am more aware, more concerned, and more actionable about the products I use. After all, it only takes 26 seconds for products to enter your bloodstream. It’s a common myth to believe that if it for sale, it is safe. The United States only bans 11 ingredients from personal care products; the EU has banned over 1,000. I have many friends who struggle with infertility. Many of the products we use EVERYday contain estrogen disruptors. It is completely legal for companies to use ingredients that have been linked to cancer. The FDA has no regulating power. Makes you think.

I like to smell good. I like to look good. I like to feel confident. I’ll be honest, most days I feel pretty darn confident not wearing much makeup at all. Usually it’s just a slightly tinted BB cream (I have been out for two weeks waiting for this launch!) and maybe some bronzer.bc Mascara only if I’m going out, which was a big conscious decision I made this past year. Kinda funny to say that out loud. It seems so frivolous! What can I say, I feel more put together when I have my lashes on point.

So what to do? I am not suggesting throwing your painstakingly acquired gems from your makeup bag away. I know how much thought and time goes into picking out our new shades.  How about ADDING in, rather than throwing out? Next time you need a cleanser, upgrade! The collection is mostly skin care, some discounted,  with a few make up options. If you and up liking the products contact Julie Nibbe in the future!

The EWG’s Healthy Living  app is great for looking up a product when you are at the store. “With Breakthrough research and education, we drive consumer choice and civic action.” The power is literally in your hands.  ewg


Happy shopping, Happy Steeping