What’s in your toolbox?

Colin in LotusI had this magical moment during a session the other day with a client. It was the kind of moment that brings excitement and giddiness and energy all at once. I was so inspired that I just had to share this idea that created the stir. As we were talking about resilience and combating the effects of negative stress, the discussion lead to how one could arm themselves to better deal with stressful situations. I’m going to go out on a limb and say we all experience stress – and we all experience more stress than we hope. The problem is that most stress is out of our control and that is the type of stress I want to focus on. Think weather, traffic, taxes…yah, you get it. All mostly–unless you do something pretty drastic–unavoidable.

This is Where it Gets Good…Stick With Me

Take a different look at stress for a second. The common denominator is that it always HAPPENS TO US. Right? The stress happens and we react. What if we took a different approach and armed ourselves with tools to proactively combat the effects of stress. Wait, WHAT?!?! I know, I was excited too! It was my Oprah “AH HA” moment. (def: “a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension.” Yes, Oprah’s AH HA moment is now a phrase in the dictionary. I can’t make this stuff up! LOVE HER)

Tell me more…

Tools meanings, ways to build up your resilience so when stress happens, the effects are less and happen quicker with little impact. AND, you are better prepared when that stress makes us want to do unhealthy things and eat unhealthy things and drink unhealthy things and say unhealthy things.

How to Build Your Toolbox

Some ideas are meditation, breathing exercises, reading, writing or journaling, puzzles, coloring, taking a walk, pet or play with your dog, making tea, talking on the phone, hobbies, knitting…personalize your tools and practice them often. The more available your tools are the better the outcome in stressful situations.

Steeping with my Toolbox,



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