Lighting Me Up

I am totally one of those people who probably looked in your shower. I love looking in your makeup bag…and peaking in your fridge. One of my favorite parts of doing the High Vibin’ series is finding out what is inspiring, what is useful, or just what people are enjoying at the moment. Here is some of what has been lighting me up!


  • Truth+Dare:  A podcast dedicated to female empowerment through living our truth and daring to change. Join in the conversation and tune in! These girls are the real deal. Each Wednesday I look forward to their topics and insights.
  • The mindbodygreen Podcast: I have had to remove myself from their mailing list not once but twice because I get lost down the rabbit hole of this one. When they recently started there own podcast I knew I would love it.

Yoga: I have recently discovered a newfound desire to up my yoga game, or start one.  I was never one who really enjoyed yoga, but that has curiously changed recently.

  • Sunflower Yoga Therapy: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Biz is, hands down, my favorite yoga instructor in the MKE area. Turns out I enjoy a slow meditative flow with guidance to the hows and whys. So full of knowledge, she is truly a little beam of light! It’s a gift whenever I am able to make a class, which is not too common these days. So excited I bit the bullet and signed up for my first ever yoga retreat next month up in Door County. Never thought I would say that!
  • The Journey Junkie: Facebook for the win with this suggestion.  I realized in all my years of practicing yoga, I never really learned the basics. Would kinda just look around the room to see if I was doing it right!  Turns out I wasn’t. I am following along a 30 day Facebook Challenge that thankfully gets beyond the usual poses. Fun in little 5-8 minute flows.

Carrot Bomb: I can’t have a list of my favorite things without mentioning my girl


Daucus is Latin for carrot!

Loulou. I have written before about her, and her bone broths here. Keep an eye out ’cause this lady is realizing her dreams by launching her ‘farm to truck’ food truck “The Raucous Daucus” any day now! Think the best sourdough you have ever had dipped in her gut healing, soul satisfying, bone broth based soups, amazing grilled cheeses… ALMOST making me look forward to the colder weather. She is a secret no more! I’m actually sipping her Turmeric Ginger broth as I write.


Rx Bars: Just a little something that has made my life a little easier, my new go-to protein bar. Not only for me but my little guy too! They make a kid size Rx Kids option that has come in handy more times than once when we are out and about or when I am slammed with clients. My husband even commented on how satisfying they are. Good thing I joined their email list – they send out some worthwhile deals and email-only releases!

The Moon: Now, this is something that I have been dabbling in for awhile now. I remember a few years ago I went in for a Reiki session and the lady said I should set out a glass of water that night because there was a new moon and drink what she called “moon water.” I almost laughed my way out of the room. IMG-0006

Well, jokes on me. Not only for harmonizing hormones, but for intention setting. I gotta say, somehow connecting with the moon makes me feel, well, more connected. In flow with nature if you will.  If balancing your hormones sounds interesting check out ‘seed cycling’. My hope is to have my cycle sync with the moon cycle once it comes back from having my second baby. (I can see my sister rolling her eyes at the one, lol.)  If goal/intention setting is your thing I really enjoy following the Lunar Yoga program that Yoga with Kassandra offers and  Lunar Abundance. This deserves its own post-I will write more soon!

ReFocus+ReCharge: Hello! Last but definitely not least is my partner in crime here at Steeped, Megan’s online Facebook Group. Where we figure out where we abandoned ourselves, where we found ourselves, but most importantly how the heck to get on with it!  I highly recommend jumping into the next one. Megan has created such a great little space to open up and be vulnerable.

Maybe one of my things should be Facebook Groups!


Steeping in the full moon tonight,




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