What is Failure?

Ah, fear and failure, not very glamorous topics.  But if you are like me you may be motivated, or stuck, by these two feelings. I was listening to a podcast recently (famous last words) and the topic of fears and failure came up.  He said, and I am paraphrasing- “Failure isn’t losing- It’s not being authentic.”

Failure is not going for it. Playing small.

“So when you play it safe & small and you are aren’t authentic, you’re a failure. And you get the chance every day to prove yourself.”  I don’t know about you but that hit me. Am I being authentic in my day to day life? Am I speaking my truth in my relationships? Do I share what’s on my mind or shy away from how I really feel? Am I seeking validation  (especially in this social media likes/followers/fans world)? Do I stuff down bigger dreams because they would be too risky? Do I avoid conversations, opportunities, creative outlets because of criticism? Oh criticism- that’s a big one.

Geared more towards wellness: Is there a class or group you would like to join but you are afraid because you may not know anyone? Won’t know what you are doing? Maybe you would like to change you the way you eat but don’t think that your family will support you.

Hello fear.

Having fear, being fearless, and in my case, learning to fearless. Curiosity and fear go hand in hand. It’s good to be curious! Its time to be curious. It’s how we grow and learn and try new things. To live authentically, your truth, you have to stop worrying about what makes others happy. This is something I will have to sit with for awhile. Heck, actually get my journal out again and stop thinking that it would be a good idea to get my journal out again.

I don’t want to play my life safe, or small, or inauthentic. And if you are already apart of our readership I would bet you don’t either. Its time to lean into that curiosity and feel the excitement fear sometimes squashes.

Tony Robbins says something pretty funny every morning on his way to his cold ice water bath.

“You’re working for me, Bitch.”

This would have been a good title lol. Yes, he says that to himself every morning. His body might be saying you don’t have to go in the bath today, you did yesterday. No body will know. OR- I worked out yesterday I don’t have to today. Nobody will know if I eat ______. I know you know what I am talking about. I dare you to say the same when that little voice of doubt creeps in.

Let’s make a decision to try to be our authentic self. Sign up for that class. Start eating in a way that makes you feel good. Reach out to that person who inspires you. You get to decide each and every day.


My partner here at Steeped started a private Facebook group reFOCUS |reCHARGE yesterday. If you need accountability to help you reFOCUS on what is important and reCHARGE your desire to achieve your goals, I encourage you to join, it’s not too late! You can check out Steeped In Wellness on Facebook, please comment if you would like in.

Steeping in not playing small,


**If you would like to hear more of that podcast, I highly recommend subscribing to Tim Ferris (hubba hubba). This was episode #256 with advisor to Olympians Michael Gervais.




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