Don’t Let Yourself Get Stuck

Every now and then I go back and revisit my notes and books from my health coaching school, IIN, to stay inspired in my journey. I need to be reignited. I opened my book right to this exercise; AH, perfect. A letter to myself. I thought if it helped me, I would share it with you. Take time to create the space you need to do it.  I need this kind of moment to set my intentions, to listen more carefully, and act in a more loving way.

Just begin.

Come back to it. Come back to it again and again. For me, once the thoughts start flowing, they build upon themselves after a good walk. Here is my start~

Dearest body of mine,

After careful thought and consideration, I hereby promise to

  • Accept you and be grateful for you the way you are
  • Fuel you with nourishing foods
  • Realize that laughter, play, and rest help you feel good
  • Exercise regularly and appropriately for my body by adding movement everyday
  • Understand that my unexpressed emotions and thoughts affect you
  • Listen to the messages you are sending me when you are tired or sick
  • Accept that I have the power to heal you
  • Realize that you deserve to be healthy
  • Cultivate a wardrobe that projects an image I am proud of
  • Nurture my relationships
  • Follow through on the little ideas that I keep in the back of my mind
  • Express gratitude to those in my life
  • Honor you as the temple of my soul

I love you so much,


Its a start!

We will always be working on our health, our wellness. Its our journey. The real question is:

What are you going to do with your health???


Steeping in Metta (loving kindness)





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