Are we there yet??

Whether we are traveling 20 minutes to Grandma's house or 6 hours to visit family in Kentucky, two things are guaranteed to be asked by my kids as soon as we get in the car — "Are we there yet?" And "Did you bring me anything to eat?"

Here are some healthy, filling go-to snacks to pack along for your next road trip or just as a easy summer snack for both little and big kids.

1. PB & Banana Sushi: put PB (or any nut butter) on a tortilla, top it with a banana, roll and cut 1" sections lengthwise for "sushi".
2. Ants on a Log: a childhood favorite, celery sticks with PB & raisins.
3. Trail Mix: endless options!
4. Pancake Sandwich: PB&J slathered between to 'cakes
5. Turkey Roll-ups: turkey wrapped around cucumbers and hummus
6. Pita Wraps with turkey pepperoni, a sprinkle of mozzarella and marinara. (Go easy on the sauce!)

What do you pack for your road trips??

Steeping in the journey,



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