Does My Scent Offend You?

Ah, my progression of deodorants. This whole deodorant debacle left me so confused for awhile I just said forget it, I wont use anything.  I was OK with a little ‘aroma’ in lieu of all the information I was hearing about chemicals and aluminum, estrogen, and breast cancer… The list of ingredients wrecking havoc on and in my body goes on.  My husband did not agree with me. Clearly, I have to find a solution to this problem.

I have been collecting deodorants like chap stick ever since.

  • Secret- Powder Fresh. My OG
  • Toms- ah, my gateway deodorant. The regular never worked so then I tried the Men’s formula thinking that was a bit more heavy duty…
  • KissMyFace- not so much
  • DoTerra- really pulls putting on
  • Schmidt’s– works but, again, hurts putting on. I love that it uses charcoal which absorbs 1,000x its weight in moisture. The jar does state to leave it on your skin to help ‘it melt’ to glide on. I haven’t found that to be the case. They also have some interesting smell combos that don’t use charcoal. Bergamot/Lime? Cedarwood/Juniper?

The online world of deodorant is a pretty competitive & happening space these days.

Which is good for me because I can’t walk down that aisle at Target without getting a headache. I have been talking to friends about what was working for them and it was actually Megan (my awesome Steeped partner) who first told me about PiperWai, “You know the one from Shark Tank” she said.

Then I saw“>this!


Are you using anything that you love? How do you feel about using your fingers to apply vs. a stick?


Did you watch it?

Pretty good right? It tells you everything you need you need to know. If you would like a bit more clarification on deodorant vs anti-antiperspirant you can read this. The idea of chemically blocking the body’s natural response does not seem OK to me.

Aiight, I’m in. Friends’ recommendation? Check. Amazing Marketing? Check, check, & check. (I am an Advertising grad after all. )

I hear putting on deodorant at night is great way to stay ahead of the smell. Our sweat actually doesn’t smell until it comes in contact with bacteria, this way you can help absorb the moisture before it becomes a problem.

I’ll keep you posted.  Native is another company some friends are raving about.


Not Steeping In The Aroma,



*This morning I Marie Kondo-ed my deodorants that were not bringing me joy. Some of these were YEARS old!


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