Barre District

For years I was going to Barre classes anywhere that I could get a deal. For almost two years now I have been going to Barre District.

“At Barre District we believe being healthy or fit isn’t a fad or trend. Instead, it’s a lifestyle.”

I was always drawn to their style, sense of community, and giving back. They have a monthly donation called “A Class With A Cause” – you should follow them on Instagram and Facebook to see their latest! Christina, one of the co-owners, told me that once she saw on the news that blood was in critical need, so she posted that if you brought in proof of donation, you got a free class. This is just the kind of community outreach that I, and many of their BarreBesties, love to support. Their sense of community continues by reaching out to other local companies. They now have their very own Big White Yeti candle scent, Valentine coffee blend, and have partnered with  Simple Eats, a weekly food service.  They have hosted a local Maker Market and regularly organize BarreBestie teams for different local fun-runs/firetruck pulls…

truly creating a LIFESTYLE brand and community you want to be a part of.

So what is it about these two? They have touched on a feeling; a void that we didn’t even know we were missing ’til they offered it. Here is a little bit about the two female forces behind the company:


 I am so happy to introduce: Nikki and Christina.

How did you two get here?

Barre District began because the two of us love everything about barre and we wanted the ability to continue to grow, to share that love with others. Partnering together was essential, as Christina loves growing barre through her classes, and Nikki in front of a computer working on the business end. We both love creating community and we just so happen to be good at what the other isn’t. Our goal is to continue to impact more and more people and provide a quality workout, quality products, and the most positive, encouraging community for as many people as possible. We are beyond excited that we can now offer the opportunity to license other Barre District studios and to help bring our lifestyle to more and more communities.

What are your food beliefs?

It truly does come down to balance. We don’t diet, we just eat healthy, and when we don’t, we go to an extra barre class or two.

Christina – If it never expires, it’s probably not a good thing to eat.

Nikki – Drink a lot of water.

What is lighting you up at the moment?

Both agree: Barre District playlists, even the stretch ones. (No joke, I love and look forward to the playlists! Sometimes a little bit country or sometimes it takes you right back to the middle school dance – so fun!)

What does your morning routine look like?

Christina – Get up, make coffee, put on leggings.

Nikki – Hit snooze, drink water while still in bed, read first 5 app, drink coffee, change baby’s diaper.

Today I am/we are grateful for…

Christina – Never having to dread Mondays.

Nikki – The ability to live, wear and love the lifestyle brand we’ve created.

Their first shop opened in Bay View and I would go to the 6am class before my husband would leave for work. Since then they have opened a thriving, newly expanded, second location on North Ave in Tosa that offers child care! SAY WHAT?!? Life. Saver. Since then they have started licensing more studios,  Oak Creek opens July 15th(!) with others in the works.

Nikki’s sense of business is clearly working. But it’s their presence in studio and on social that have made fans many times over. Personally, I love that the class that Christina teaches is also one that offers childcare at a time that works for my schedule. Her passion exudes off of her. She knows everyone’s name, gives hugs, and basically makes you feel like a bad ass. Her classes are high energy and always wait-listed. She is that good.

I hope you check them out – first class is always FREE!

Steeping in leggings every day and maybe an extra class,




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