Charcoal Smoothie: Is It Worth It?

Is drinking charcoal really a thing? Recently I have seen it pop up all over the place from smoothies to deodorant. Charcoal in a smoothie? Why would you do that?

Turns out activated charcoal is having a moment.

I recently saw a post that a local smoothie shop had a new activated charcoal smoothie and said to myself, “I have to try that!” I gotta say it was good, maybe a little gritty, but good!

But why?

People use charcoal for a number of reasons:

  • overdose
  • alcohol poisoningchar2
  • teeth whitening
  • mold cleansing
  • water filtration
  • acne clearing
  • reduce cholesterol
  • help with hangovers
  • bloating and gas
  • digestive cleansing

It appears activated charcoal can have major health benefits. It works by trapping toxins and chemicals (such as the pesticides in our food, chemicals in our water, food by-products that produce gas/bloat in our bellies) in all of its tiny pores. In fact, the activated charcoal’s surface binds to most organic compounds allowing for quicker elimination before it’s absorbed by the body.

But wouldn’t that mean that it binds to beneficial substances like minerals too? Well, yea.

This stuff is super absorbent. If you were to ingest this all the time thinking that you are ‘cleansing your body’ you could be doing more harm than good. While you were eliminating some bad stuff, you are also eliminating the good stuff.  I think in the right setting of a medical professional it’s a great tool, like in alcohol poisoning. It’s a man made supplement and we at Steeped in Wellness really don’t think anyone thing can be, or is, a miracle pill.  Your body is amazing – let it do it’s thing by supporting it with fruits/vegetables and water, even charcoal filtered water!

If you are going to use it internally it’s important to know:

  • INCREASE water intake-  this stuff can really, ahem, back you up.
  • choose a food grade activated charcoal made from coconut shells or other natural source *this is not BBQ charcoal which is full of chemicals.
  • use for a short period of time

So is it worth it?

IF I was by a smoothie shop AND hungover, yea, I probably would order one.  The girls at the smoothie shop claimed people swear by it for that. But how often does that happen? Not much.

I did, however, just order deodorant with it in it- I’ll keep you posted!

Steeping in a craze,



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