About Last Weekend…

If you are one of those people that can’t seem to lose the weight, that are super good and on point during the week but maybe let loose (a little or a lot) on the weekends – this one is for you. I wrote post a few weeks ago and never sent it because something else came up and I thought that the opportunity had passed. Then it occurred to me that, NO, it hasn’t passed. This situation keeps rearing it’s head in my direction in one form or another. Sometimes I am too focused on the trees and miss the forest. That’s a saying right?  So here you have it, my post from a few weeks ago.


Oh man, last weekend. For the second time since my baby was born, my husband and I made it out. I had friends in town and we were going to meet up for drinks and It. Was. Fun. It’s always so nice when you can catch right back up like no time has past. But as a new mom with a baby who doesn’t sleep through the night, I definitely over did it! And I had to work the next morning – how did I used to do this – ALL THE TIME?  The next night we had an impressively loud thunderstorm which woke our older son, oh maybe 8 times throughout the night.

There you have it, the perfect storm.

That weekend was Easter. A holiday full of all my triggers. My triggers being all the candy and pastries; pretty much all the sweets had be in my mouth. Without the sleep I needed to have the energy I needed; I grabbed at anything and everything. I had gorged myself on breakfast sausages and Kringle because I hadn’t planned an appropriate snack for myself between church and my in-laws. By Sunday afternoon I was a zombie. I counted the minutes ‘til I could just shut my eyes.

Mom-ing is hard.

I had a Doctor appointment the following day and I heard, “We are going to need your weight and blood pressure…” Ugh, I wasn’t expecting to get on the scale. There it was, all my mistakes from the weekend in a neat tidy number. Right then and there I had to decide. Beat myself up? Or accept what was (those dang Cadbury eggs were good) and move on.

I chose grace.

I knew once I got back on track it would all even itself out.

It’s so important to not just throw in the towel, shrug your shoulders, and say why bother. Because it does. Those couple pounds turn into something more and your self esteem becomes a little less.   It’s so fun to celebrate all the good things in life. Lately, it’s friends’ new homes, babies, birthdays, or good weather. When you stop and realize that weekends are approximately 8 out of 30 days in your month, or a whooping QUARTER of the month, you realize it adds up. That’s a lot of time to be willy nilly. Prepare yourself and be patient.

Here are some oldie but goodie tips:

  • Sleep – I have to be rested to make good life choices.IMG_9493
  • Get moving – once I get a good workout in I’m less tempted to stray course.
  • Add protein – helps with sugar cravings and keeps you fuller longer.
  • Plan ahead – I gorged myself on breakfast sausages and kringle between breakfast/church/ in-laws on Easter. I know myself and I know I need a substantial snack to make it through.
  • Put the scale away for a bit

You can think you want to be thinner or healthier or whatever your goal is, but it isn’t until you think about how you want to FEEL. I want to feel good the next day. I have things to do!

Little people I want to show the world too. Projects that need attention. My days of recovering on the couch don’t even appeal to me anymore.

So whether it’s Easter, or like this weekend with Cinco de Mayo, or The Kentucky Derby, let’s choose to make smarter decisions AND have fun. If you need help, let us know! We are all in this together.

Steeping in the weekend!




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