Charcoal Smoothie: Is It Worth It?

Is drinking charcoal really a thing? Recently I have seen it pop up all over the place from smoothies to deodorant. Charcoal in a smoothie? Why would you do that?

Turns out activated charcoal is having a moment.

I recently saw a post that a local smoothie shop had a new activated charcoal smoothie and said to myself, “I have to try that!” I gotta say it was good, maybe a little gritty, but good!

But why?

People use charcoal for a number of reasons:

  • overdose
  • alcohol poisoningchar2
  • teeth whitening
  • mold cleansing
  • water filtration
  • acne clearing
  • reduce cholesterol
  • help with hangovers
  • bloating and gas
  • digestive cleansing

It appears activated charcoal can have major health benefits. It works by trapping toxins and chemicals (such as the pesticides in our food, chemicals in our water, food by-products that produce gas/bloat in our bellies) in all of its tiny pores. In fact, the activated charcoal’s surface binds to most organic compounds allowing for quicker elimination before it’s absorbed by the body.

But wouldn’t that mean that it binds to beneficial substances like minerals too? Well, yea.

This stuff is super absorbent. If you were to ingest this all the time thinking that you are ‘cleansing your body’ you could be doing more harm than good. While you were eliminating some bad stuff, you are also eliminating the good stuff.  I think in the right setting of a medical professional it’s a great tool, like in alcohol poisoning. It’s a man made supplement and we at Steeped in Wellness really don’t think anyone thing can be, or is, a miracle pill.  Your body is amazing – let it do it’s thing by supporting it with fruits/vegetables and water, even charcoal filtered water!

If you are going to use it internally it’s important to know:

  • INCREASE water intake-  this stuff can really, ahem, back you up.
  • choose a food grade activated charcoal made from coconut shells or other natural source *this is not BBQ charcoal which is full of chemicals.
  • use for a short period of time

So is it worth it?

IF I was by a smoothie shop AND hungover, yea, I probably would order one.  The girls at the smoothie shop claimed people swear by it for that. But how often does that happen? Not much.

I did, however, just order deodorant with it in it- I’ll keep you posted!

Steeping in a craze,



When Enough Is Enough

Our third installment of ‘The Men of Steep” comes from a fraternity brother and friend of my husband (alright, and me too!) Heck, he even came on our Honeymoon!


Al and I at Oktoberfest (my Beermoon) Munich 2013

When I say that his transformation has been incredible, I mean it’s jaw dropping. But what I think is so important about Al’s story is that it is very relate-able. We all have that one friend we can count on for a good time, a drink, and inappropriate jokes.  When he tells you he is making a change you are more prone be like,  “Yea, yea, believe it when I see it.”  Well, we all believe it. His change was gradual, the way it’s suppose to be, and in the meantime his whole perspective changed. It’s rare to watch someone come out the other side of a weight loss and be happy to be in what he now calls “maintenance.”

Or maybe meeting the love of his life helped. It sure didn’t hurt! Together they have lost 112 pounds(!)- having an accountability partner has huge advantages.  What’s great is that they cook together and follow the same program, he will explain. At the end of the day no body can do it for you. You have to want it. And Al did. I still get a kick out of seeing him.

Let get to Al’s story. He has offered so many usable tips and some fav recipes. I know I am going to try some!

Tell us about your journey to where you are today
I’ve been at some level of overweight nearly my whole adult life.  In high school, I played sports, worked manual labor (construction and on the farm), ate whatever I wanted, and that was my last time at a weight in the “normal” range, until now.  I was about 30 lbs (210) overweight at the end of college, and over the years yo-yoed between there and as high as about 250 (70 lbs overweight).

It usually built up so gradually that it was hard to notice before it got too far.

I read many books, tried quite a few things, but for the most part didn’t find enough new good habits that would last.  Eventually I found some books that really resonated with me, as they advance the science and debunk old ideas.

Here are my favorites:
1.    Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes
2.    The Big Fat Surprise by Natalie Teicholz
3.    Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis
4.    The Paleo Solution, by Robb Wolf

What changed this time?

 I had enough of hauling around those extra pounds and all the associated side effects.


August 2015

I went to the doctor for some recurring joint pain, to which he couldn’t definitively diagnose (some signs, but not all pointed to gout) or offer any help for; he instead simply addressed my health items he could measure, and prescribed medication for both high blood pressure and cholesterol.

The idea of taking medication the rest of my life didn’t sit too well with me, no matter how safe they may claim they are.

At the same time, I didn’t want to ignore those high levels and associated risk factors for disease.  Ultimately what stuck for me was a system, backed up with recipes and practical eating-out advice that really worked.  The staff over at the Medical Weight Loss Clinic provided great support, and the weekly appointments helped keep me accountable and positive. (Al and his fiance do this together.)

I’ve been at the goal weight for about 4 months.  Today I’m at 175 lbs, putting me in the ‘normal’ BMI range (the BMI is far from being a perfect scale, but it’s the most common benchmark around).  Joint pain is virtually gone.

No longer taking any medication, and both my cholesterol and blood pressure are good.   (WOW!)

I’m learning how to bring more carbs back into my diet, and find the balance of how much works for me.


January 2017

What are your food beliefs?
•    There are no essential carbohydrates.
•    Sugar substitutes are a poor choice.
•    Whole grains aren’t the magic so many sources make them sound.  A few more vitamins versus their bleached white cousins are little consolation when these complex carbs raise your insulin level and put you into fat storage mode.  Humans are poorly suited to digest such large amounts of grain.
•    Calories in do not equal calories out.  Our body’s systems are far more complex than this simplistic notion.
•    Eating fats is just fine.  (or eating fat doesn’t make you fat; fat you eat doesn’t get stored in your fat cells; fat = fuel, etc.)
•    The government is the worst source of dietary advice and standards.  All policies to date are driven by someone out for profit or fame, and data frequently manipulated to fit a narrative, while masquerading as science.
•    You can lose weight without having to starve.
•    You can lose weight while eating plenty of very good tasting things.
•    You can lose weight without exercise.

Favorite recipes:

  •        Weight Loss Clinic  Pintrest page
  •         Amazing Cheese Crust Pizza
  •         Zucchini lasagna.  I’m not positive which exact one I had used, there are many out there online.  Basically swap noodles for strips of zucchini that is sliced and baked, and use a marinara sauce that is low in sugar/carbs with no sugar added.
  •         Zucchini pasta using the Spiralizer with any meat dish.  I was skeptical at first, but it tastes very good, and is very simple.
  •         Cheddar tacos.  Make circles of approximately 6” diameter each of shredded cheddar, on a baking sheet with parchment paper.  Cook at 400°F for 8 minutes.  Hang them over anything round, like a wooden spoon, then they will cool and form the taco shell shape.  Fill with meat, salsa, etc. like a normal taco.

Eat Out Tips

  •         Read the whole menu, there probably are a few good options that require no substitutions.  Plenty of dishes out there that have just meat with vegetables.
  •         Unsweetened Ice Tea is a good sugar free drink.  Almost everywhere has it.
  •         Order a burger (or other sandwich) without the bread/bun.  It’s a pretty common thing to do these days, no one will think you’re weird for doing so.
  •         Ask if they can do substitutions if the menu doesn’t say so.  For example, you often can get broccoli or mixed vegetables instead of fries.  Or a side salad.
  •         Make the better choice, if the “best” choice isn’t an option.  Don’t let the lack of the perfect option be an excuse to give up and eat junk.
  •         If you were raised to clean your plate like I was, be aware of this behavior in yourself.  I find it hard to only eat a few of the fries or other items.  It can be easier to just say no up front.  If the only choices are fries or chips, you can always say neither.

What is lighting you up at the moment?
•    The NBA playoffs – go Bucks!
•    Random videos that YouTube suggests.  Some channels I frequently check out lately are: Numberphile, Langfocus, SciShow, The 8-Bit Guy, Mathologer, Arlo, & RonPaulLibertyReport.

What is your morning routine?
•    Feed the cats


Al even proposed with his cat!

•    Fill up my water bottle
•    Take my vitamins
•    A small breakfast – either a couple breakfast sausages or a cheese stick
•    Off to work, where the coffee is free!

Today I am grateful for…
My fiancé.  I’m so happy I finally met the right person to spend my life with.


Thank you Al!

Isn’t it incredible he got himself off his medications!?! I love that – it’s empowering. And I loved his point of making the better choice if the ‘best’ isn’t available.

What we put on our plate matters.

Something I wanted to point out is that ALL three of “The Men of Steep” believe in drinking water, vegetables, and well, that the government does not have our back. You really have to be your own advocate. People have their own genetics, intolerances, allergies, body compositions… we are all different. YOU have to be a detective and take charge of your own health.


I HAD to include this one of Al this past fall back in Munich for Oktoberbest 2016. Cheers AL!

Steeping in mind/body transformations,



Sometimes we are exposed to an idea and it just clicks. It gets you excited and you want to know more and do more. That’s what happened to my co-worker Heather and I with The AromaTouch technique.  We already had a love for Doterra’s essential oils and as Massage Therapists LOVED the idea of using them in this way for our clients.

“AromaTouch is not a massage but a technique that stimulates body meridians, energy zones and elicits a profound effect on the body systems and viscera through the rhythmic application of touch and specific aroma to stimulate a state of balance commonly known as homeostasis.

The AromaTouch Technique has three significant attributes. First is to enhance the utilization and therapeutic result of eight specific essential oils.  The AromaTouch Technique offers the right balance between essential oil benefit and biophysical tolerance.

Secondly is to address specific conditions of health that are known to be constants in their overall impact on health related issues. These known conditions are identified as “systemic constants.” Addressing these four major health constants through the therapeutic activity of essential oils is helpful in modifying many specific symptoms and core wellness issues.

Lastly is to re-establish a state of homeostasis. Homeostasis is defined by many to be a state of wellbeing. Homeostasis is much more than a perception of wellness it is how the body functions collectively. The AromaTouch Technique helps to balance activity between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Homeostasis then is described as our capacity to appropriately react to emotional and physical stressors.”

Pretty cool


There are 8 essential oils broken up into 4 categories:

  1. Emotional calming and grounding
  1. doTerra Balance: a combination of tree oils and roots. The soft energy is excellent for re-connecting and grounding when your mind has been racing. Encourages one to stay in the moment to manifest their vision.
  2. Lavender: supports individuals in releasing tension and constriction that stems from fear of expressing oneself.
  1. Cleansing
  1. Melaleuca: or Tea Tree the oil of energetic boundaries; helps clear one’s energetic boundaries.
  2. doTerra On Guard: the oil of protection strengthens one’s immune system physically and also against negative energies. It helps to strengthen one’s inner resolve.
  1.   Physically relaxing
  1. AromaTouch: the oil of whole self relaxation and healing.
  2. Deep Blue: the oil of surrendering pain. Generally used for physical pain but can help individuals who are resisting emotions that underlie their physical pain.
  1.   Invigorate
  1. Wild Orange: the oil of abundance which restores one’s physical energy.
  2. Peppermint: the oil of a buoyant heart. Invigorating to body, mind, and spirit. Seals in the previous oils to assist in their healing.

I wish I was on the table right now! Life can be hard. I heard the other day that


Taking care of these vessels we are in is our job. This is just a delicious way to honor that.

If this sounds like something you would like, or a Mom in your life, give us a call at Invivo Wellness on MKE’s east side.


Steeping in the aroma,


Don’t Ask Him Where He Gets His Protein

Our next guest is a road warrior. When he started dating my old roommate over 7 years ago he was a vegetarian, and not the ‘mac n cheese’ kind.

Today he is thriving as a vegan.

He knows his body. He pushes his body.

I know many athletes can do equally well but with a meat based plate.  What I find so intriguing is that he kicks serious butt with a plant based plate. (See, I told you my next few guests would be widely different, and still more to come!)  When Corin and I would be recovering on the couch cuddled up with our dogs he would be discovering new routes around our house on the bike he brought with him. What I would consider to be one of my long rides is his warm-up.

There are a few things that get people going these days- politics and how you feed yourself. Seriously strong emotions come out when you start talking meat vs plate based lifestyles! Maybe you tried being vegetarian at some point, I did. I have many friends who choose this lifestyle for the health benefits but also for the ethical treatment of animals. I hope everyone is able to get something out of it- even if its just trying to understand something unfamiliar to you.

I’m pleased to be able to share with you another well educated passionate perspective. Its all about finding what works for you, everyone is different.

I introduce Jayson Torres:IMG_3035

Tell us about your journey to where you are today

Growing up in a Hispanic house, we were taught to believe that a well-balanced meal meant that whatever we were eating needed to have meat, lots of meat, and here have some more meat.  Call it part of the culture or call it years of social conditioning where society dictated that meat and dairy needed to be the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle.

I was an active child, growing up in Bucks County, PA.  My childhood years were spent playing school sports ( track , wrestling, cross country).  I was also part of a group of kids that used to organize pick basketball games and baseball games at the local park.  Summers in my town were never boring.  I recall riding my bike everywhere as well.  We would ride to the neighboring towns, 20-30 miles roundtrip.  With all of this activity, I developed an early understanding on the importance of feeding my body correctly, or what I assumed to be correct.   I continued this nutritional mindset well into my late 20’s.  During this time I started getting into cycling more with interest in getting as fit, lean, and efficient as I could be.  During this transitional period, I started to notice that getting lean wasn’t as easy as I had thought it would be.  I was never over weight, but I needed to drop some weight if I was to be fast, on the bike.  The watts:kilo concept was introduced to me via some information I found online regarding cycling at a high level.  The idea is for a cyclist to be as light as possible while maintain their power output.  As the weight comes off, the w:k value increases.

I was all in, once I read this and so I began my journey into transforming my body, and mind.

Through my journey of discovering what not to do, when trying to get fit, I realized that the all the years of being taught the values of “good nutrition” were all wrong.  I started to look into alternative nutritional methods and the value of eating less animal products.  I slowly started to wean myself off the chicken, fish, and dairy I was used to eating.  This went on for several years, eating less and less animal product.  I then saw a few documentaries that showed how adopting a diet rich in plants and without meat was helping sick people get healthy, lose weight, and essentially live longer.

After seeing how individuals were able to make such positive changes just be removing all animal products from their food,  I thought, this is what I needed to… go all the way and cut out all the animal product completely.  After all, I was already starting to feel the positive effects of cutting out most of my meat consumption.  The weight was coming off and I was feeling more alive and full of energy.  Always one to need more, I started looking deeper in the long-term health benefits of going vegan.  Through this research, I was introduced to the writings of Dr. Mcdougal and Dr. Barnard.   This was the last tooth in the cog that I needed to cement my belief in the value of having a plant based diet.

Now here I am almost 40 years old, and I can honestly say that I feel as in or in better shape than I did in my 20’s.  Feelings are subjective, data is objective.  As the years pass, I have watched my weight maintain while being able to lose any needed weight, effortlessly.

I kid no one, when I say that the best way to get lean and stay lean and healthy, long-term, is to stop the social norm of eating meat and dairy.   Going vegan was the best decision I have ever made.


My son and I joined Corin in cheering Jayson on as he crossed the finish line last summer. 175 miles across WI in one day! WOW

What are your food beliefs

My food belief is simple, vegan.   Remove the animal proteins and you remove all of the health related issues that come with it.  I believe food should be enjoyed, eaten and without regret.  I can tell you that I eat the same all year around, regardless of activity level.  I have learned to eat until I am full and that’s pretty much it.  It’s fairly simple, no tricks, no gimmicks, just plants.   I believe food is energy.

The plants I eat today, will be the energy I use tomorrow to get stuff done at work, home, and on the bike.

IMG_3030I believe that society should revisit their views on food.  Everywhere we look we see, cut calories, cut portions, eat less, all while some big dollar company is trying to push energy drinks loaded with chemicals that you need a Phd to pronounce.  I say, let’s all go back to basics, eating a plant rich diet loaded with fruits, rice, potatoes, and all the carbohydrates your doctor is telling you to eat less of, while setting his own personal best for number of scripts written for the year.  I could talk about this all day!!!

What is lighting you up at the moment? (books, music, podcasts, people, places, products…)

Currently, I am trying to learn the German language, as much as I can, as quickly as possible.  I will be traveling to Germany, for business, in the upcoming months and will be there for 3 months. How does one say “ no milk, no meat, please”?  So, I am currently streaming language tutorials on familiarizing and recognizing key phrases I think I will need, during my stay.

I also, while listen to talks given by Dr McDougal or Dr. Barnard.  Their videos can be found on YouTube.  I am on a Hanz Zimmer kick, at the moment.  For those who don’t know who he is, he’s only one of the greatest film scorers of all time, Dark Knight, Pearl Harbor, Gladiator, to name a few.  EPIC!  Few things tune out the noise of office clatter better than some Zimmer.

What is your morning routine?

My morning routine is pretty simple, but changes depending on time of the year.  Being a cyclist, I ride all year around.  When the weather is less than ideal, I will ride indoors on a fixed trainer.  During the cold cold Wisconsin winter months, I will do a ride in the morning at home, before work.  Nothing is better than those early morning rides.  They really get me ready for whatever the work day brings.  It’s always a good way to keep any unwanted winter weight off.  These workouts will go on for several months, or until I am able to ride longer outside during the work week.  During the “off season” I will typically ride 1-1.5hrs indoors, dividing it among am and pm rides.

As the weather improves, I will gradually ride less in the am but ride longer, post-work.  During the weekend I will get out on the road as early and ride anywhere from 2-5 hours, depending on what I am doing that year.  This year, being that I will be out of the country for most of the summer-fall months, I will only be doing one organized event The Horribly Hilly Hundred.  It’s an epic ride that is 200k long with almost 11,000 feet of climbing.  So I am currently preparing for that.   Imagine training and riding that on a low carb diet!

While my workouts change depending on the time of the year, one thing never does.

 I start every morning drinking I liter of water.

That’s right, first thing out of bed, down the hatch it goes.  Proper hydration is so important to being healthy and feeling healthy.  I really do believe that the vast majority of society is under hydrated.  I see more soda cans and coffee drinks being held, than I do water bottles.  Crazy!

Today I am grateful for…

I am grateful for a lot of things my kids(he has twin high school boys) , my girlfriend and  many more, too many to list here.  However, I do want to say that today, a thought crossed my mind.  While it may have been a fleeting one, at that moment, later in the day it returned.  During my ride today, I passed  several convenient stores, and a grocery store that was chock full of cars.  “We live in a country where the majority of us don’t have to worry about where our next meal is going to come from”, was the thought that crossed my head.  I was reminded of this thought when I got home and cracked open the fridge and went for some much needed nourishment.  It’s true, we are truly blessed, lucky, or however you want to spin, to have what we have… we really are.


I asked him to elaborate on a few nuggets you could take with you:

  • His carbs come from the ground, not a processing plant- rice, potatoes, whole grains, and lots of fruit. He emphasizes that he eats less of them during the months he is riding less.
  • He really believes fat makes you fat; not carbs. To him a low carb/high fat diet means low energy and heart attack.
  • Cooking at home is the best thing you can do if you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. ( I happen to know that his girlfriend, my friend and old roommate, is an excellent cook) They eat a lot of rice based curries, stir fries, and veggie pasta dishes.

His top 3 tips for those who would like to go vegetarian/vegan:

  1. Keep it simple.  Eating should never be about making life difficult.  Find what works for you by establishing a base palate, then move on from there.  But just keep it simple.
  2. Stay away from foods high in fat.   I think that is the most common mistake people make when they try to make the switch.  Remember, just because the outer packaging say “vegan”, doesn’t really mean it’s good for you.  Read the labels, if you see lots of fatty oils, and other things that you could find in a bottle of weed killer, stay away.  Go for packaged foods that have simple ingredients in them, things you recognize.
  3. Don’t fall into the social disapproval trap.  People will be vocal about your change.  I can tell you I hear it all the time, and my decision to go vegan happened years ago!  I chalk it up to them knowing they could be or should be making better food choices, but aren’t.  Kind of like that “sour grapes” mentality.  Stick to your guns. Once you start feeling and looking better, it will all click for you. 

    Thank you Jayson!

    I am visualizing him at work with a sweeping epic score playing in my head, lol.  I have been jokingly referring to my latest spotlights as “The Men of Steep.” Health and wellness is a buzz phrase lately but it is resonating with women and men alike. These guys, even considering how far they are across the spectrum, are impressive. Not only with how well spoken they are but with the dedication to their bodies. This is exactly why I love learning about how people live, eat, fuel their bodies- to selfishly inspire me.

Steeping in Hans Zimmer on Spotify,


Socialize, Flirt, and have Fun between 7-9pm

Have you ever wondered why you wake up at the same time every night? Or tend to feel sluggish at a particular time? It could be a sign of disharmony.

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved rock shops, learning about the Chakras, and writing affirmations…all of it. (I still have my 9 year old girl journals for proof! Thank you Mom.)  Little did I know it would lead me to where I am(strive to be) today.

As a perpetual student I love exploring new and old.

I recently finished a course on Meridian Massage based in Traditional Chinese Medicine. By finishing a course I in no way mean I know everything. In fact, quite the opposite. This is definitely a case of, “the more you learn the less you know.” But it’s just so fascinating! How could I incorporate what I was learning into my life? That’s when I was listening to one of my podcasts, The Inspired Table, whose guest that week was the founder of Hanako, an essential oil company out of Australia that features a Meridian line. I was hooked! The timing! I love when this sort of thing happens. Makes you feel like you are on the right path.

The Body Clock



According to Traditional Chinese Medicine every organ in the body has a two hour peak period, where the organ is in its natural time and dominates the cycle. Using the clock as a reference you’ll find the corresponding blend that can easily be applied at any time of the day or night to encourage the flow of energy.

Hanako uses specific plant based therapeutic meridian blends that are carefully created to complement the 12 main lines of energy-or qi- that flow within the body. “When the body is placed under stress, the auric bodies and energetic lines can become blocked or depleted. If not cleared, these dysfunctions eventually manifest in physical illness, insomnia, or general lack of well being.” Rachel of Hanako

The blends are a self nurturing ritual that work through the use of pure essential oils, affirmations, and acupressure points.

A great one for getting the energy out of the head and down to the feet is the Kidney Meridian Blend. The oils used and points pressed harmonize and balance the energy of the kidneys. When Kidney energy is out of balance we suffer symptoms like anxiety, depression, panic attacks and feelings of overwhelm. Or, even better, check out this video straight from their Instagram on the Heart Meridian.

Let’s learn together!  I have already been incorporating them into some of my massages, and my clients love it.

I just want everyone to be able to have a feel of control, no matter how small, of their situation.

Each meridian comes with it’s own affirmation. Before your massage you may choose one and let that set your intention for your time on the table. OR let the Body Clock be your guide if you notice a certain time of day is troublesome; we will use the corresponding meridian blend. Hella relaxing and kinda fun!

Contact Invivo Wellness to get on my table.

Steeping in between 5-7am


About Last Weekend…

If you are one of those people that can’t seem to lose the weight, that are super good and on point during the week but maybe let loose (a little or a lot) on the weekends – this one is for you. I wrote post a few weeks ago and never sent it because something else came up and I thought that the opportunity had passed. Then it occurred to me that, NO, it hasn’t passed. This situation keeps rearing it’s head in my direction in one form or another. Sometimes I am too focused on the trees and miss the forest. That’s a saying right?  So here you have it, my post from a few weeks ago.


Oh man, last weekend. For the second time since my baby was born, my husband and I made it out. I had friends in town and we were going to meet up for drinks and It. Was. Fun. It’s always so nice when you can catch right back up like no time has past. But as a new mom with a baby who doesn’t sleep through the night, I definitely over did it! And I had to work the next morning – how did I used to do this – ALL THE TIME?  The next night we had an impressively loud thunderstorm which woke our older son, oh maybe 8 times throughout the night.

There you have it, the perfect storm.

That weekend was Easter. A holiday full of all my triggers. My triggers being all the candy and pastries; pretty much all the sweets had be in my mouth. Without the sleep I needed to have the energy I needed; I grabbed at anything and everything. I had gorged myself on breakfast sausages and Kringle because I hadn’t planned an appropriate snack for myself between church and my in-laws. By Sunday afternoon I was a zombie. I counted the minutes ‘til I could just shut my eyes.

Mom-ing is hard.

I had a Doctor appointment the following day and I heard, “We are going to need your weight and blood pressure…” Ugh, I wasn’t expecting to get on the scale. There it was, all my mistakes from the weekend in a neat tidy number. Right then and there I had to decide. Beat myself up? Or accept what was (those dang Cadbury eggs were good) and move on.

I chose grace.

I knew once I got back on track it would all even itself out.

It’s so important to not just throw in the towel, shrug your shoulders, and say why bother. Because it does. Those couple pounds turn into something more and your self esteem becomes a little less.   It’s so fun to celebrate all the good things in life. Lately, it’s friends’ new homes, babies, birthdays, or good weather. When you stop and realize that weekends are approximately 8 out of 30 days in your month, or a whooping QUARTER of the month, you realize it adds up. That’s a lot of time to be willy nilly. Prepare yourself and be patient.

Here are some oldie but goodie tips:

  • Sleep – I have to be rested to make good life choices.IMG_9493
  • Get moving – once I get a good workout in I’m less tempted to stray course.
  • Add protein – helps with sugar cravings and keeps you fuller longer.
  • Plan ahead – I gorged myself on breakfast sausages and kringle between breakfast/church/ in-laws on Easter. I know myself and I know I need a substantial snack to make it through.
  • Put the scale away for a bit

You can think you want to be thinner or healthier or whatever your goal is, but it isn’t until you think about how you want to FEEL. I want to feel good the next day. I have things to do!

Little people I want to show the world too. Projects that need attention. My days of recovering on the couch don’t even appeal to me anymore.

So whether it’s Easter, or like this weekend with Cinco de Mayo, or The Kentucky Derby, let’s choose to make smarter decisions AND have fun. If you need help, let us know! We are all in this together.

Steeping in the weekend!



Fitness Finds

I’m always looking for the latest and greatest fitness finds. I compiled a list of some of my favorite fitness finds…

Lately, I’ve been focusing on mixing in more strength training into my workout routine. As a mom of two young kids, functional exercises like lifting, twisting and pulling really help me with my every day life. After strength training my muscles can be pretty taxed. My sister introduced me to a product from a company called Ideal Lean — BCAAs or Branch Chain Amino Acids, which are essential for muscle growth and recovery. 

I notice my muscles aren’t as sore and I am able to gain the lean muscle mass I’m after. 

These pants. 90 degree by reflex 

I’m not ashamed to admit it, I would absolutely live in exercise/workout clothes if I could. I mean, who wouldn’t right?? Unfortunately, that’s not my reality for my day job but you can often times find me in stretchy clothing when I’m off the clock. I came across these exercise pants and find them to be exactly what I need. Stretching enough to be flattering, I highly enough in the waste to tuck in that tummy and easy to care for in the wash. That’s a win in my book! Oh, did I mention the price?!?

I recently started running on my lunch break. The mild spring weather here in the Midwest has made it very doable. I unfortunately don’t have access to a shower at work but have found the next best thing, On the Go Cleansing Towels. These are basically disposable wipes that leave you clean, cool and refreshed after a workout. My suggestion would be to use these after light workouts. Save the shower for a heavy sweat shesh. 

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