Checking in

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post on differentiating between excuses and barriers. You can re-read it here Spring Fever Depending on your level of motivation a barrier can easily be seen as an excuse. In order to achieve your goal with long term success this goal has to be something you truly are motivated to make effort toward and own. What do I mean by “own”? Something that you are fully committed to and are doing it because you want to make the change. 

Our weekends tend to be very busy, both my husband and I are out of the house most hours of the day, most week days. We often push things off until Saturday and Sunday just because our Mondays through Fridays we are in what we like to call “survive and advance mode”. Do  what you can to get through the week in one piece. Ok, it’s probably not that dire but some weeks it sure feels like it! I have learned that I easily use these lists of things I feel I have to do as excuses. Yes, there is a certain balance to work toward. 

Weekends are laundry, dishes, cleaning, errands, laundry, yard work, laundry- did I mention laundry (excuses!!)? It’s easy to get caught up in that “to-do” list. One goal I have set for myself is to ensure (barring extreme weather) I get outside with my family on the weekends. I absolutely love being outside, always have. The fresh air, sun, wind, dirt all have an awesome impact on me. I’m more positive and energetic and I see this in my kids too. 

This weekend we took advantage of the awesome weather to take a family hike. We found a (mostly) family friendly hike, packed a cooler and headed out. The kids were perfectly exhausted and so were mom and dad. Early to bed for ALL! 

I’m excited to continue to focus on my goal theses next few weeks and I am sure it will effortlessly become a habit if I truly want it enough. 

Steeping in Nature,



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