Easter Eggs Au Naturale

Who doesn’t LOVE dying Easter eggs!?! Kid Tori loved looking each year at all the new, and seemingly improved, dying options. Sparkles? More the merrier! Swirls? You betcha! Neon? Heck ya! The older I got I would hunt for silk ties to wrap around them or drip melting crayons on them. Needless to say I got pretty competitive at our family Easter Egg Dying Competition. We haven’t had it in the last two years…I think they know who will win… Just saying. (Thank you Pintrest)

I don’t think that using whole foods to dye is going to blow anyone away but there is a very sweet simple aesthetic that I am vibing. And I actually made a smoothie with my left overs. Cant do that with the artificial colors from a box.

You can use what you have!

In my case I had frozen mixed berries for the purple. Turmeric for the golden yellow. And WOMP WOMP spinach did not work -for me- as a green. I have seen people have great results with beets, red onion peels, red cabbage… you get the idea!FullSizeRender(5)

I boiled about a cup of berries (spinach) and a heaping Tb of turmeric for 10 minutes then let simmer. After 20 minutes I drained the liquid through a fine mesh strainer and added a 1TB of vinegar. You can leave in for however long you want. 10 minutes to overnight- Its all good. OR boil the eggs and the food at the same time to save some dishes.

I wish I had a few more color options but let me tell you- The days of me running to the store for a few odds and ends are temporarily over. Toddler hood and errands- meh.

I hope this inspires you to give it a try! And if you do-tag us @steepedinwellness -we would love to see your creations.


We stay inspired by what you are doing.

Steeping in Spring Color,



One thought on “Easter Eggs Au Naturale

  1. Paul McShane says:

    Great Blog. Love the picture of Wyatt and monkey dying eggs.

    You Rock!

    Let’s Do This!

    Paul McShane The Home Depot Installation Services 414.324.7869

    “Life is good!!” Sent from my iPhone


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