Spring Fever

nouna feeling of restlessness and excitement felt at the beginning of spring

As you can tell from our last few posts, we are both just a little bit excited about Spring! The change in season is a great time to reflect on the changes and progression of our lives. Excited about the future, warmer weather, plants, Spring rain, etc. but also reflect back a bit at the past. The previous season that brought us here. Over the Winter what went well? Did you take more time for yourself, did you slow down, connect with friends you haven’t seen in a while, explore a new craft or hobby? 

It’s easy to keep looking to the future for changes. It’s human nature to plan for your health in the future tense. I often hear clients say they want to start doing something in (insert timeframe) vs. saying they want to start today or this minute. Think about your barriers and ask yourself if they truly exist or are they just excuses. I’m going to start working out in June because I’ll have more time. Be honest with yourself. 

Let’s try a little expirament, write down a health related goal you have. Now write down all of the reasons you may be struggling to achieve those goals. Next really analyze the list – what is truly a barrier and what is an excuse? Remove the excuses and focus on the barriers that truly remains (if any do!). Health Coaching gives the unique support and perspective that some people may need to get them past those barriers. Success can be in your future this season. 

Steeping Beyond the Barriers, 



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