Top O’ the Morning

As I look out and witness the (albeit beautiful) winter wonderland, I am not thinking parades and shamrocks. St Patrick’s Day is normally what I consider to be my gateway holiday to all things budding and blooming. Ce la vie. Doesn’t mean we can’t put on some green and celebrate anyway. I love, LOVE, this holiday. My family traditions run deep, the sounds of the music get my feet tapping, and my good-ish jig is only a beer away. I may not be celebrating like I used to (I have the pictures to remind me of all the shenanigans I got into), I am making the present the new good ol’ days.

That starts by celebrating with friends, good food, and new traditions. This past weekend we hosted a house full of little leprechauns running around and parents drinking a few beers between the respectable hours of 4- 7pm. See! New traditions. It was awesome.

The menu,  if I don’t say so myself, was spot on. More down to earth than adding green food coloring kitch.

Bangers and Mash(Colcannon)IMG_9218   Pretty much just use your favorite mash potato recipe and add cabbage/green onions. I added kale too.

I bought the sausages from Costco, they have ‘Irish style Bangers.’

Taste the Rainbow– Big hit IMG_9187

Matcha Pancakes – Wyatt was shoving these into his mouth. I usually use Rishi Matcha to drink, but I recently saw individual packets for sale at Trader Joe’s. I used one packet here; it was less than 2 Tb, but since my two year old was eating these too, I left it at that. Next time (like tomorrow) I am going to add some kale or spinach – what ever I have laying around to green ’em up a bit more and add nutrients. It’s a blender recipe – it all mixes nicely. IMG_9190

For dessert, my wonderfully talented baker friend Tina made an apple cake. It was gone before I got to take a picture but she sent me the link so I can make it this weekend for my BIG family celebration. I was going to make an Irish Apple cake, but just ran out of time (you know how it goes). I was thrilled when she brought this beaut in! She didn’t even use the glaze; didn’t need it! I want to say it was so moist but I know how some people hate the word moist. So I’ll say it was definitely not dry. 😉

Get excited fellow McShanes, it’s coming for you!

We told corny Irish jokes, had festive temporary tattoos, my husband regaled everyone with his exciting (to him) HVAC project; it was a toe tapping jig dancing good time.

Tina has an awesome naughty leprechauns tradition (aka prank) that I plan on copying when my kiddos are a wee bit older. They get that special treat of a cereal (you know the one…has marshmallows…), but a little green prankster has spilled it on the floor and the stools were turned over! How fun is that?

I would love to hear your fun traditions that I can steal as well!IMG_9186


Knock, Knock.  Who’s there?

Irish! Irish who?

Irish you a happy St Patrick’s Day!

Steeping in the Spirit,

Tori McSeiter


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