In Like a Lion

Like most of the country, we have had a weird winter. Very little snow and cold, and unseasonably warm weather. It makes me wonder (and become concerned) about what is really happening with our climate. I am old enough now to think back – pretty clearly – to much, much different weather patterns growing up. Although March and April have always been very hit-or-miss, one thing was for sure, everyone was waiting eagerly for those early signs of spring to appear. The red breasted robin, the protruding daffodil buds, the thawed puddles…well, a lot of those signs are already here!

With anticipation of the next season, I often think about the plans and ideas that I would love to do, those things that you can’t quite do until…the weather gets warmer, the sun is out, the grass is greener. I thought it would be fun to do a little Spring Bucket list and share with you! (Although the garage needs to be cleaned out and the yard perked up, I am sticking with FUN Bucket list items!)

Spring Bucket List:

  1. Hike Scuppernong Trail with the kids (I got this recommendation from my friend Theresa and haven’t had a chance to experience it yet)
  2. Plant Seeds
  3. Go star and planet searching on a clear night
  4. See a sunrise on Lake Michigan
  5. Get our bikes ready so we can ride when we are ready
  6. Visit the Farmer’s Markets as soon as they open
  7. Check out the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park which is North of Green Bay
  8. Get in 9 holes of golf (my sister and I joined a golf league and I want to go out at least once, ah-hem Lauren)
  9. And last but NOT least, Puddle Jumping!

OK, I need more ideas because Spring is right around the corner…what are your Spring Bucket List ideas?

Steeped in Spring,



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