Massage Hair Don’t Care

I can’t very well start back to work (shameless self plug – I am also a Massage Therapist) and not shout from the rooftops the benefits of Massage for your body.  There is something about what I do that I just love. Of course it’s the fact that I can help people relax, with pain, and therapeutically, but it’s more than that; it’s helping them reconnect to themselvesThat’s one of the reasons I love getting on the table- it reminds me why I do what I do. I tell my clients there is no hiding on the table; whatever is going on comes to the surface. That could mean physically but also emotionally. “Stress and toxins build up and accumulate in the mind and body. By manually working with skin, Ayurveda claims you can help bring yourself back to the present moment and reduce excessive VATA energy, or an overabundance of the air element that can make you feel flighty, anxious, and undergrounded. In other words, the sense of touch can help settle your overactive, restless mind as it recharges and rejuvenates you.” – Kimberly Snyder

Over the last few weeks I have made a conscious effort to practice Abbyanga, an ancient form of self massage. Its great to get on the table, but that’s not always realistic. I meant to do it everyday…well, it didn’t quite work out that way. But, in all the crazy of life, I need a way to ground myself. Ayurveda believes in the connection of manually working the skin to the health of the muscles underneath AND the importance of  improving circulation and detoxification. Massage is a powerful tool for detoxing by stimulating the blood and lymph vessels.

The Lymph is an often forgotten about system that is devoted to healing and immunity.

Working with the circulatory system to keep blood and fluid levels balanced, it is able to flush toxins out. Fluid squeezed from the blood, interstitial fluid, or ‘lymph,’ transports waste to your lymph nodes through a series of vessels similar to veins. Then the fluid is filtered and eventually returned to the bloodstream. The Lymphatic system is self circulating, the heart does not pump it. Outside of gravity, muscle contraction, and movement, these other methods of manipulation help support it.

Even though I didn’t practice Abyyanga, Ayurvedic Self-Massage  everyday, I certainly did enjoy it and plan to make it more of a daily care ritual. It claims to help balance your entire mind-body, relieve fatigue, provide stamina, enhance sleep, promote a better complexion, increase longevity… you get the idea. While I can’t say that ALL that happened for me, I did get into it.

I felt luxurious.

Of course ALL massage makes me feel pretty luxurious. But even I don’t get on the table as often I as would like (Heck, I can’t even enjoy a few extra minutes beyond a quick shower as often as I would like!). This way I feel I can get some of the benefits for the reasonable price of a bottle of oil. I used Aura Cacia’s oil – you can pick it up at Whole Foods or Outpost. If you are looking for something, a little extra something, you are can do for yourself that gives you a moment to just reconnect. This could be it. Please follow the link above for directions.


Steeping in grounding care,


*I never warmed my oil- ain’t nobody got time for that!






Spring Fever

nouna feeling of restlessness and excitement felt at the beginning of spring

As you can tell from our last few posts, we are both just a little bit excited about Spring! The change in season is a great time to reflect on the changes and progression of our lives. Excited about the future, warmer weather, plants, Spring rain, etc. but also reflect back a bit at the past. The previous season that brought us here. Over the Winter what went well? Did you take more time for yourself, did you slow down, connect with friends you haven’t seen in a while, explore a new craft or hobby? 

It’s easy to keep looking to the future for changes. It’s human nature to plan for your health in the future tense. I often hear clients say they want to start doing something in (insert timeframe) vs. saying they want to start today or this minute. Think about your barriers and ask yourself if they truly exist or are they just excuses. I’m going to start working out in June because I’ll have more time. Be honest with yourself. 

Let’s try a little expirament, write down a health related goal you have. Now write down all of the reasons you may be struggling to achieve those goals. Next really analyze the list – what is truly a barrier and what is an excuse? Remove the excuses and focus on the barriers that truly remains (if any do!). Health Coaching gives the unique support and perspective that some people may need to get them past those barriers. Success can be in your future this season. 

Steeping Beyond the Barriers, 


Top O’ the Morning

As I look out and witness the (albeit beautiful) winter wonderland, I am not thinking parades and shamrocks. St Patrick’s Day is normally what I consider to be my gateway holiday to all things budding and blooming. Ce la vie. Doesn’t mean we can’t put on some green and celebrate anyway. I love, LOVE, this holiday. My family traditions run deep, the sounds of the music get my feet tapping, and my good-ish jig is only a beer away. I may not be celebrating like I used to (I have the pictures to remind me of all the shenanigans I got into), I am making the present the new good ol’ days.

That starts by celebrating with friends, good food, and new traditions. This past weekend we hosted a house full of little leprechauns running around and parents drinking a few beers between the respectable hours of 4- 7pm. See! New traditions. It was awesome.

The menu,  if I don’t say so myself, was spot on. More down to earth than adding green food coloring kitch.

Bangers and Mash(Colcannon)IMG_9218   Pretty much just use your favorite mash potato recipe and add cabbage/green onions. I added kale too.

I bought the sausages from Costco, they have ‘Irish style Bangers.’

Taste the Rainbow– Big hit IMG_9187

Matcha Pancakes – Wyatt was shoving these into his mouth. I usually use Rishi Matcha to drink, but I recently saw individual packets for sale at Trader Joe’s. I used one packet here; it was less than 2 Tb, but since my two year old was eating these too, I left it at that. Next time (like tomorrow) I am going to add some kale or spinach – what ever I have laying around to green ’em up a bit more and add nutrients. It’s a blender recipe – it all mixes nicely. IMG_9190

For dessert, my wonderfully talented baker friend Tina made an apple cake. It was gone before I got to take a picture but she sent me the link so I can make it this weekend for my BIG family celebration. I was going to make an Irish Apple cake, but just ran out of time (you know how it goes). I was thrilled when she brought this beaut in! She didn’t even use the glaze; didn’t need it! I want to say it was so moist but I know how some people hate the word moist. So I’ll say it was definitely not dry. 😉

Get excited fellow McShanes, it’s coming for you!

We told corny Irish jokes, had festive temporary tattoos, my husband regaled everyone with his exciting (to him) HVAC project; it was a toe tapping jig dancing good time.

Tina has an awesome naughty leprechauns tradition (aka prank) that I plan on copying when my kiddos are a wee bit older. They get that special treat of a cereal (you know the one…has marshmallows…), but a little green prankster has spilled it on the floor and the stools were turned over! How fun is that?

I would love to hear your fun traditions that I can steal as well!IMG_9186


Knock, Knock.  Who’s there?

Irish! Irish who?

Irish you a happy St Patrick’s Day!

Steeping in the Spirit,

Tori McSeiter

In Like a Lion

Like most of the country, we have had a weird winter. Very little snow and cold, and unseasonably warm weather. It makes me wonder (and become concerned) about what is really happening with our climate. I am old enough now to think back – pretty clearly – to much, much different weather patterns growing up. Although March and April have always been very hit-or-miss, one thing was for sure, everyone was waiting eagerly for those early signs of spring to appear. The red breasted robin, the protruding daffodil buds, the thawed puddles…well, a lot of those signs are already here!

With anticipation of the next season, I often think about the plans and ideas that I would love to do, those things that you can’t quite do until…the weather gets warmer, the sun is out, the grass is greener. I thought it would be fun to do a little Spring Bucket list and share with you! (Although the garage needs to be cleaned out and the yard perked up, I am sticking with FUN Bucket list items!)

Spring Bucket List:

  1. Hike Scuppernong Trail with the kids (I got this recommendation from my friend Theresa and haven’t had a chance to experience it yet)
  2. Plant Seeds
  3. Go star and planet searching on a clear night
  4. See a sunrise on Lake Michigan
  5. Get our bikes ready so we can ride when we are ready
  6. Visit the Farmer’s Markets as soon as they open
  7. Check out the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park which is North of Green Bay
  8. Get in 9 holes of golf (my sister and I joined a golf league and I want to go out at least once, ah-hem Lauren)
  9. And last but NOT least, Puddle Jumping!

OK, I need more ideas because Spring is right around the corner…what are your Spring Bucket List ideas?

Steeped in Spring,