Four Ways To Nourish Your Heart

Tori here! You may know I am also a Massage/Thai Therapist and continual learner of all things body/mind/spiritual. I thought I would bring forth some Heart centered ideas for your Valentines Day. Take it for what it is worth, I hope you enjoy a little something different.

How ever you feel about today, it’s a great reason to set aside some time and nourish YOU. The most common block of the heart chakra is absence of self-love. Through knowing one’s self we can honor the self that lives in another. So go turn on that diffuser, roll out that mat and settle in.



Just like water in a river, meridians are where the Qi flows. They are not seen and are not physical structures, yet they are real and present in everybody. They flow lengthwise along your limbs, trunk, and head in channels that were mapped out ages ago. I’ll be giving you some points you will be able to work on yourself. Measurements are refered to as cun (pronounced tsoon). One cun is the width of your thumb. Measurements are proportional to each body. If you work on someone else refer to the size of their thumb. For these purposes I have not delved too deep. The 12 meridians/5 elements are such an overlapping deep subject.

The Heart and Pericardium are the two Yin Meridians of the Fire element; the Heart is the Cardinal fire and Pericardium is considered the Supplemental fire. The Heart Meridian is the commander of the entire Mind-Body, and is typically not worked directly with. We use the Pericardium Meridian to treat and benefit the Heart Meridian. The Pericardium is often referred to as the heart protector. The attributes of passion, expansion, and spreading warmth and light are more attributed to the Cardinal fire. Communication is more attributed to Supplemental Fire.

Think of the Pericardium meridian when you want to support:

  • Cardiac issues
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Mental, emotional conditions

The pericardium is a yin meridian, so bring nourishment, quiet, and calm rather than motion and vigor when working with these points. You can gently press using a clockwise rotation, and hold pressure for 30-60 seconds.

Pericardium Points

  • P-6 Nei Guan “Inner Gate”

Use to calm spirit, open the chest, and soothe nausea. This point is the command center of the chest.

Location: 2 cun from the wrist crease toward the elbow on the center line. Try flexing the wrist to find the center tendon. The point is on the inside of the tendon.pc_meridian_6-9

  • P-7 Da Ling “Great Mound”

Use to nourish your heart and calm spirit

Location: center of wrist crease

  • P-8 Lao Gong “Palace of Toil”

Use to calm spirit. This is an important point for practitioners as a place of offering our Qi to another.

Location: make a gentle fist, where the middle finger contacts the palm.


4th -Heart- Chakragreen-chakra-300x300


  • I am worthy of love
  • I am loving to myself and others
  • I live in balance with others


  • Cedarwood
  • Pine
  • Eucalyptus


Yoga Movement: Bow Pose

If you have a movement practice, try adding this pose in following these prompts help open up the heart. I had the pleasure of practicing with Biz of Sunflower Yoga Therapy.  She has a fabulous self indulgent chakra-based Meditation Yoga class that has been an amazing way for me to move my body post-baby and reconnect to myself.  We used the Avahana Mudra through out class, use it unnamedto cultivate heartfelt acceptance during your next meditation. Doing this simple gesture I found it helpful stay more present in the moment. Biz also had us repeat…

“Through heartfelt acceptance, I open to receive All of life As a learning and a blessing.”


Essential Oils to nourish yourself and relatioship

Cinnamon~Oil of Sexual Harmony

Supports reproductive system and helps heal sexual issues. Assists individuals in accepting their body and embracing their physical attractiveness. Dispels fear of rejection and nurtures healthy sexuality. Invites individuals to be honest and vulnerable, thereby allowing true intimacy to emerge. Increases blood flow and circulation.

Geranium~Oil of Love and Trust

Heals a broken heart. Softens Anger and assists in healing emotional wounds. Could be called the “the emotional healer.” Restores confidence in the innate goodness of others and in the world. (Um, Hello)

Peppermint~Oil of a Buoyant Heart

Brings joy to the heart and soul. Reminds us that life can be happy and there is nothing to fear.

Rose~Oil of Divine Love

Rose oil holds the highest frequency of any other oil. It is a powerful healer of the heart.

YlangYlang~Oil of the Inner Child

A powerful remedy for the heart. One of the most powerful essential oil aphrodisiacs. Encourages attraction and supports the circulatory system.

Calming Blend~Oil of Forgiveness

Brings a person more in touch with the qualities of love, openness, and receptivity. Helps heal emotional wounds in the heart so that love may flow more freely. Fosters tenderness and love in every relationship.  Ingredients include lavender, marjoram, roman chamomile, ylang ylang and others.

*Try diffusing or incorporating topically blended with a carrier oil for massage. Thank me later!


We, as a society, have connected heart and love to sweet flavors. Hello Valentines chocolate! Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends bitter flavors (kale, parsley, arugula…) to help cool the body and drain excess heat. If someone is suffering from heart disease, they may be better off eating something bitter. In two weeks I’ll expand on heart supporting nutrients/foods to end out Heart Health Month.

Share a sweet hug instead! When you hug someone you are physically connecting, heart to heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day our dear readers!

Steeping in Wellness,



*Information was from these great reads:

Meridian Massage Opening Pathways to Vitality by Cindy Black

Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith

Emotions and Essential Oils by Enlightened Alternative Healing


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