HIGH VIBIN’ in MKE: Carrot Bomb

I started the High Vibin series as a way to crack open MKE and connect like minded people from my own little corner of the city. There is so much good going on. So many people steeping in their own wellness journeys that it keeps me inspired. My next guest has definitely done that.

I had no idea what my life was missing til I met Loulou of Carrot Bomb. My dad affectionately refers to her as my very own personal health chef. I couldn’t agree more! Sure I made my own broths-SHE TAKES IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Sure I can make my own healthy meals-but it’s really great to have a pro do it for you once in awhile. Her soups, flavor combos, and meals are no exaggeration heavenly. Even my picky toddler gobbles them up.  He calls her green tea with turmeric, ginger, and honey ‘yellow juice’ 🙂 Plus there is just so much damn good juju in it that you feel great eating it.

“Carrot Bomb is a full service catering company dedicated to local and organic, homemade and beautiful food! EVERYTHING is organic, grass fed, pastured and homemade by a professional, insured chef of over 20 years. We work with farms in our community to feed our community.”

It took no time for me to start looking forward to Mondays… the day she posts her lists of bone broths, soups, tea, juices, fermented sourdough, and fresh made meals ranging from vegan, GF, DF, and full on farm fresh meat. I relish in picking through what I want for the week. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I truly believe the broths have helped me in healing so quickly after the birth of my son three weeks ago.img_0944 Being a caterer she took the down time of the winter season and has flipped it. Now, in addition to her main gig, she is cooking for the community. And the people have spoken, she had over 200 orders last week! Talk about creating opportunity. Katie said, “OMG this food from Loulou is OUT OF THIS WORLD! I feel like I have so much energy thanks to the sipping broth at work today (no time to chew, you know all about that!) and two days in a row of kvass. Plus that iced tea is like a dream!

And she is just pretty darn cool. But I’ll let her speak for herself and you will see what I am talking about:

The Carrot Bomb Journey:

Carrot Bomb Catering is the result of years of traveling around the world learning traditional cooking, and wanting to share these recipes with my friends, family and community.

Working as a chef in Europe, I noticed that every town or city had their own gardens, community smoke house, farms, ferment specialists, fisherman and livestock.  From these pure ingredients came mouthwatering and beautiful plates.  I wanted so badly to emulate these dishes in the US, but found it hard to find the farmers that were constantly at my disposal overseas…. Then, due to popular demand, small, organic veggie farms and grass fed animal farms started popping up in my area, and after extensive research and hunting~ it was ON!

What are your food beliefs?

Nutrient dense, real, pure food is not made of (somewhat?) understandable ingredients~ they ARE the ingredients!  Carrot Bomb puts these real ingredients together to provide amazing, healthy food that is traceable, local, organic, yummy and beneficial.

Food can be the death of you~or make you energized and healthy.  We all have to eat, so let’s do it right!  First- stop being afraid of fat!  We need good fats, and they are delicious, so indulge~it DOES NOT make you fat.  This has been proven time and time again.  Then- lose the sugar. That’s what puts the pounimg_0909ds on, decreases energy and is more highly addictive (according to recent studies) than cocaine.  Crazy, right?  Everything you are buying off the shelves at your grocery store most likely contains processed sugar.  Salad dressings, pasta sauces, cereal, frozen dinners… They are ALL suspect.  When corporations and factories cook for you, they are thinking profits, not health.  People ask me all the time, “What is your favorite food/meal?”  My answer, every time, is “Anything a person makes me from scratch with love.” That’s the real deal.

Cooking for yourself or family after a long day of work can be daunting… That is why Carrot Bomb opened it’s doors on Tuesdays to offer made from scratch dinners, lunches, soups, bone broths and more for pick up.  Let us take a little work off of your table!  We also provide group cooking classes 🙂img_0940

What is lighting you up at the moment?

Inspiration comes in many forms.  Cooking for lots of musicians who travel through Milwaukee, I am always finding new music, which is always pumping while I cook. Milwaukee chefs are doing so many cool, local plates… Going out to eat at places like Goodkind, Morel, Wolf Peach and Amilinda keep me on my toes! Hopefully, my next big inspiration will come from some South American travels and eats 🙂

What does your morning routine look like?

I also find our morning routine helpful. After waking, beds are made and my son and I stretch.  Sounds so simple, but the message is~ we are putting away sleep and getting ready for our marathon!  Starting out excited and ready makes an incredible difference 🙂

Today I am grateful for…

We also just started “the grateful three”.  We each speak out loud three things we are appreciative of.  Today, my four year old son chose “no buggery nose, zombies and puzzles”. Mine was “Super comfy new bed, praying mantises, and I get to cook!”

* Some ingredients we can’t live without:  Apple cider vinegar, pork belly, turmeric, green tea, bone broth, ginger, lemons, raw milk, honey, red beets, apples, fermented sourdough

Eat good~feel good~be good (our trinity)

So many good takeaways:

  • work with our farms in our community to feed our community
  • we all have to eat, might as well do it right!
  • food can be the death of you- or make you energized and healthy
  • don’t be afraid of fat! Sugar on the other hand… (my weakness)
  •  start a morning stretching routine with your little people- I love this idea

Follow Carrot Bomb on Facebook and Instagram– you won’t regret it.

Steeping in ‘eat good~feel good~be good,’



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