When it’s right for YOU…

As a Health Coach, I work with many individuals who are working toward many different goals. No one client is like the other — different motivations, different strengths, different barriers, different medical histories but that is what makes Health Coaching so unique. It’s not a prescription or a diet plan that will make someone successful, it goes deeper, and through coaching, the path to wellness reveal themselves so brilliantly.

So when does someone know it’s right for them? Throughout the many stages of change, health coaching can be a viable support system. Whether someone is in full action mode of accomplishing their goals or if they are far from taking the first step, health coaching is built around working with EVERYONE at ALL LEVELS. The New Year had a lot of us re-energized and motivated to make changes but sadly this time of the year also comes with frustration and potentially a lack of confidence to keep moving forward.

How do you keep on keeping on with forward progress? You may need to take a step back and analyze why you are doing this in the first place. If your answer is to loose weight, why do you want to loose weight? If your answer is to feel better and have more energy, why? Dig deeper and whatever your answer is, that will help you keep motivated on January 24th when your New Year’s Resolution is far forgotten for the year.yogi-teaWhen is the time right for me? There is no better time than the present to try Health Coaching. Tori and I are available face-to-face or over the phone, whatever works better for you and your geographic location. Our first session is a deeper dive into what health coaching is and what to expect and subsequent sessions are to focus on you and your goals. Depending on scheduling and motivation, we work with clients usually between 3-6 months but vary, as I mentioned everyone is different. Coaching sessions take place weekly, if not every other week to keep focused on goals but with enough time between sessions to put goals into action.

Tori Megan

How much do health coaching sessions cost? Sessions are $70 each and if you purchase three sessions in advance the cost is $200. The investment is for you, your health and your happiness.

To contact us, feel free to email us at SteepedInWellness@gmail.com or through Facebook

Steeping in the Power of Health Coaching,



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