HIGH VIBIN’ with Tabetha Wolfe

Happy New Year! I honestly hope you are all feeling a sense of renewal no matter how you feel about ‘resolutions.’ Instead of making a list of inspirational ideas I thought I would get to the heart of it and showcase Tabetha. Whether or not you are looking to make health a bigger priority this year or not I think its amazing to see people, real people, DO it.

Tabetha has been on a transformational journey that has completely blown me away. I have known her for about 5 or 6 years, our husbands are friends/fraternity brothers. She is a full time working mom of two young ladies and very much involved, as is her husband Dean, in their lives. Amongst all that she truly dove into her own health and well being, prioritizing herself. She has embraced this to the point of now studying to become a Personal Trainer herself!


Tell us about your journey to where you are today

My fitness and health journey began almost exactly 2 years ago. It started as a New Year’s resolution (just like everyone else), but this time was different. I found a place that made working out fun and I did a lot research on different types of diets. I decided I didn’t want to be on a “diet”; I needed a life style change that I could maintain and also involve my family. I started out with clean eating. This was pretty easy because we were kind of doing this already, but I started eliminating processed foods as much as I could. The biggest thing we started eliminating was wheat – so no pasta or breads. I was unsure of this, but we have been wheat-free for a year-and-a-half and it has helped me lose that extra belly fat.

In December 2015 I began searching for something more, something different. I am a very competitive person, so what else would someone want to do but compete in Obstacle Course Racing! So right after the new year I began training with my husband Dean and my brother Thaddeus. We trained 3 nights a week on top of what we were already doing daily. Our training sessions have become competitions in themselves. We are always pushing one another harder each and every time. This friendly competition makes our workout sessions fun and really fly by.

For our first OCR season we ran 3 Spartan Races (Sprint, Super, & Beast), Savage Race, Warrior Dash, Xteme Air 5K, and several 5K and 10K races. We have even got my daughters involved in running with us. I love being able to have them train with us and help them become faster and stronger.

I had been wanting to help people with their fitness and health goals, but was never sure where to start. I was given the opportunity to take over for the man who had been training us. As the saying goes, “if an opportunity comes knocking, open the door and take it”! So that is exactly what I did; I took over the classes and signed up for the personal training course. I was able to keep the clients that currently took the classes and even added a few. I love to show people new ways to train and how to make it fun. It has been such an inspiration to watch those I train push themselves at each and every class. At the end of each class we go to the pull up bar and either do pull ups or hang on the bar as long as they can. To me, this is a great way to gauge improvements in strength. Each and every person has shown improvement and push themselves each time to get that extra second or that extra half of a pull up. In the last year I have gone from being able ZERO pull ups to 13 pull ups. Practice makes perfect (or better)!

What is lighting you up at the moment? (books, music, podcasts, people, places, products…)

To help me with my journey and training others I ready lots of book and listen lots of podcasts. I have read all the wheat belly books, which are great because it gives you the science behind it. My fave podcast channels currently are TNT & Spartan Up! I received several books from Santa, now I just need to find time to read them! Right now I am just a sponge and enjoy reading and adding to my knowledge. Each and every person is different, and what works for me may not work for all my clients, so having that extra knowledge will only help.

How do you ‘Steep In Wellness’?

My goal for this year is to continue to inspire and help others reach their health and fitness goals. Helping people understand that it is not a diet, it is a life style change. Clean out the garbage in your house and only bring in healthy foods and snacks. Meal planning each week makes it easier to stay on track and help you to eat healthier.

At the beginning of December I proposed a challenge to my clients about participating in their first Spartan Race. Each everyone of them took that challenge and now for the next 6 months I will be preparing them for the Sprint at Lambeau Field. Everyone needs a reason to work hard and push themselves past their limits and this was the perfect opportunity for them to prove to themselves they can run an obstacle course race too. Seeing their commitment has given me that extra push I need to study hard and pass my test!

How do you nourish yourself/what do you do when you need a breakthrough?

We all have those days were we just don’t want to do anything, but I the last couple of years I have learned that you need those days. Take a day off to read a good book, hang out with your children, go to dinner with your hunny, whatever it is, take the time and enjoy it. Your body will thank you too. These days off allow you to recharge and remember why you train like you do.

What is your morning routine?

What is a normal morning…not sure what normal is, but the first thing I do when I wake up is drink a tall class of water and take a steamy shower. After that, normal does not happen with teenage girls. I will usually sit down with my oldest and eat breakfast and drink a cup of black coffee.

Today I am grateful for…

With the new year upon us I most grateful for my husband and brother. Without these two guys, I am not sure I would be on this health and fitness journey. My brother inspires me each and every day. He has been drug and alcohol free for 2 years now, and shows no signs of relapse. Even after being diagnosed with narcolepsy 6 months ago. Most people would let the disease control them but he has chosen to immerse himself in Taekwondo and OCR. He battles each and every day, but chooses to keep training and pushing himself. My husband has always been my biggest advocate. He helps me study, train, and even attends my bootcamp classes. He never questioned my decisions and has supported them and made changes himself. Having your husband as a training partner makes staying on-track easier and a lot more fun. To spend time alone and talk, we started taking runs together. Not your normal date, but it works for us.20160210_212132

Just check out Tabetha’s Instagram picture and you go ahead and #goals! WOW. But even more impressive is the example she is setting for her girls. I sooooo love that. I only hope to be as driven and dedicated with my own.

Thank you Tabetha! Im going to go see how long I can at least hang from the bar…

Steeping in my New Year’s intentions,





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