Snowball Effect

In Wisconsin, the joke is if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes. For the most part, we have very inconsistent weather. It keeps us on our toes. We got a big snow storm about a week ago which was nice because it was the perfect background to our Christmas festivities. The very next day, the temps skyrocketed to 40 degrees and rain. WaaWaa. Just wait 5 minutes.Snow has been on my mind, if I am going to live here we should have snow.

I have been trying very hard over the holidays to get my workouts in by sneaking them in before the chaos of the day begins. It’s hard to get started, the days are shorter and colder and motivation is pretty much at an all time low. I have been thinking about various ways to get myself moving. For example, the actual act of starting to work out is the hardest part for me but once my body is warm and the sweat is coming, I am in my element. So how can I get from zero motivation to sweat? Well, if I tell myself that all I have to do is 10 minutes, I am more aped to hit play on my DVD player or jump on the treadmill and commit to that 10 minutes – because what is 10 minutes?? Nothing, right? Ha! I tricked myself because I know once I get going I am not going to stop. My endorphins are kicking in and I am feeling good – The Snowball Effect! mitten-with-snowball

I started with something small and as a result, I gained the momentum and motivation to go longer and push harder. I honestly had NO intention on going longer than those 10 minutes when I pushed play but it felt good, and knew that something is always better than nothing. And you never know when a healthy snowball is going to hit you in the face!

Finding the right combination that works for you. How do you make those first few good choices that get the (snow) ball rolling?

The next time your brain says “I’d rather sit on the couch” tell yourself you only have to do the minimum. A walk, 50 jumping jacks with a plank hold, only 30 minutes at the gym instead of your usual hour. Some days that might be all you can handle and THAT IS OK! But other days that snowball you made could just turn right into a lean ‘n mean snowman or snow lady :).


Steeped in the Snow,




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