15 Minutes

As we all are currently experiencing, this time of year can be stressful. With a to-do list longer than Santa’s naughty list, taking time out for yourself can sound overwhelming and probably completely out of the question. I totally get it, I’m there too but hear me out. I recently attended an essential oil class on gratitude. Taking time out for yourself to regroup, recenter and refocus on why you are making these extra efforts is truly important – “True giving has to include receiving or will result in burnout”. If the doing, receiving, and giving is one sided, life isn’t balanced and something will give way – potentially your health, relationships, or even your sanity. It probably seems overwhelming to think about adding one more to-do on your list but to give a little perspective, 15 minutes to dedicate solely to yourself on a daily basis could potentially solve all the world’s problems. Or, maybe just give you tcolin-treehe balance you that may be craving at the moment.

OK, so you’re going to commit, now what? What to do? Read a book, take a walk, sip some tea, page through a magazine, take a nap, zone out on Pinterest, research some new recipes, call a friend, journal, breathe. Don’t those all sound so relaxing – just reading through the list has helped calm me down.

Give yourself permission to make time for yourself this season. Comment below & share your ideas on how you will spend your 15 minutes a day!

Steeping in the Moments,



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