My Gratitude List

It’s official, we are now into the thick of the holiday season. Mostly people fall into one of two categories – or possibly somewhere in between – either your house is decorated and Christmas music has been playing for weeks or you find this time of year challenging and stressful. Our culture has changed over the years with the inception of Black Friday (and Cyber Monday). More and more people have off of work the day after Thanksgiving, internet shopping is easier and more convenient than ever and the sales are starting up, it’s time to get shopping. Maybe it’s just me but I feel completely overwhelmed with it all. The anxiety of FOMO (fear of missing out) is real. I am in a constant struggle of trying to find the best deal for the perfect gift for everyone on my list all before I run out of time (gasp!). After Tori’s post on November being gratitude month, I have been trying to strike the right balance to enjoy the season and make the most of this time of year.

Here are a few things that I am grateful for:

  1. My essential oils especially Vetiver – the calming effect helps me relax after a long, stressful day.
  2. Coffee – ’nuff said
  3. Danielle & Rob – some of our best friends. They just moved across the country and we miss them already!
  4. online shopping, esp. – srsly, what did we do before this??
  5. my mail carrier and all of the other package delivery people for being kind and considerate on rainy days – or any day for that matter!
  6. my husband for being a parent with me, shout out to all you single parents out there – you are amazing!
  7. The men and women who bravely and honorably serve our country – your selflessness and courage is amazing.

Don’t forget about your gratitude list – post on our Facebook feed, private message us or email us – what ever works! We will pick one lucky person by using a random drawing to receive a special personalized essential oil blend! The drawing ends at midnight on November 30.

Steeping in the Season,



One thought on “My Gratitude List

  1. Patricia Wielichowski says:

    Dear Megan and Tori, I’m here to admit I didn’t keep a daily gratitude list, but I did spend more time being aware of the positive moments I have experienced. Thank you both for the reminders and nuggets of info you share. Each Tuesday I receive a much appreciated “gift ” from one of you. My gratitude list includes sleep overs with my grandchildren! Each is an experience to treasure. I am fortunate to continue to be healthy per my yearly check up last week. I am in awe of our fabulous extended fall season. This has led to extra walks in our quiet little neighborhood. We also explored the 7 bridges in Grant park one day. So beautiful! My list is so long and my gratitude is felt each night as I end a day and each morning with the energy to face a new one. Thank you both for your reminders. Keep up your heartfelt messages. Love ❤️ you!

    from my iPad



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