When we think of working out, we most likely have this image of traditional exercise that is ingrained in our heads. Maybe it’s spandex and Jazzercise or maybe it is Nike’s on the treadmill. Exercise can exist outside of the four walls of a gym. Most of us aren’t gym people – for whatever reason, it just doesn’t work for us. Although I enjoy a good group exercise class, I just never felt excited about a room full of treadmills or weights. I have found other ways of exercising  — workout videos in my basement, running outside with my sister or yoga classes at Tosa Yoga are really what work for me.


After a weekend getaway to Scottsdale, AZ this past week, I got to thinking, what would be some fun and exciting options for exercise. I had this question pop in my mind mid-climb on the famous (for infamous – depending on who you are) Camelback Mountain. My oldest sister Kristin used to lived in AZ and we had the opportunity to make this climb many times since then.

There are two trails that take you from the base to the top and back in around 1-3 hours depending on your clip. Most of the climb is stepping up onto large boulders and the other third is scrambling on your hands and feet. The fresh air, the views and the exertion make this my ALL TIME favorite workout. How cool would it be to have this mountain in your backyard??? #jealous

My point – why can’t ALL exercise be something we (mostly) enjoy? Why does it have to be something that we loathe doing and find no enjoyment in? Well, my answer to that is – IT CAN & IT DOESN’T! Find something that you look forward to, something that interests you, something that drives you. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Whether it’s ballroom dancing, rollerblading, indoor rock climbing, ultimate Frisbee, kickball or field hockey, indoor crew, swimming, kick boxing, yard work, power cleaning your bathrooms, snow shoeing or hiking with the kids. The options and opportunities are endless. Find what works for you and make it your own and most of all…ENJOY!

Don’t forget about the November Gratitude Challenge!

Steeped in the Unconventional,



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