I Feel Awful!


On Sunday, our neighborhood had Trick or Treating. Which means kids, costumes, chaos! We had fun trooping around collecting the coveted candy. My kids are still on the fence with the ringing the doorbell/receiving candy connection but I know the inevitable is soon to come. Luckily my kids have pretty much forgot about the enticing candy hidden away on the top shelf of the cabinet but for the last three days, I have been struggling with the ever present sugar that has suddenly appeared in my house. I wish I had more self-control but sure enough, I gave in on the goods. I had my fair share and then some and felt awful on Sunday night, and the next day, the following day still. It hit me like a ton of bricks – SUGAR! I coach people all of the time who are addicted to sugar. I can appreciate and commiserate with the hangover of guilt and nausea that binging brought on. I don’t normally crave sugar but I do have cravings which are usually salty so I get it. But I feel sugar is dangerously different. The instant appeal it has on your tongue and the immediate desire for more is raging. I can feel the affects it has on me and sadly see the affects it has on my children immediately. The headache, fatigue, poor decision making skills, no motivation, and the list goes on!

I had enough and the candy has got to go! I have been thinking about this holiday and wondering how to make a new healthy tradition for my family. Every year we are going to fight an uphill battle with candy and sugar so starting this year – things are going to change! Here are a few ideas I have looked into to reduce or eliminate the sugar in your houses after the ghouls and goblins have left for the year:

  • Switch Witch: So apparently this has been featured on Shark Tank but the concept can be pretty easy. The day after Halloween, a witch comes to collect the candy and trades the candy for a toy, DVD, etc. that is JUST as appealing and fun.
  • Send it to the Troops: There are many organizations that are collecting the candy to send to the troops overseas to thank them for their service. Here are a few I have seen:
  • Dentists want to buy your candy! Apparently this is VERY common as we got a flier at my son’s school of a dentist offering cash money. He was then sending it to the troops as well. Ask around, you may be able to find a dentist who participates in the Buy Back Program
  • Throw it away – GASP! I know it’s very wasteful but consider the alternative.

Steeping through the holidays,



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