Things that Bring Me Joy

Lately I have been doing a lot of cleaning, purging and organizing mostly of my kids clothes, toys, kids items but also for the whole house. With the change of seasons, I’m digging out those cozy duds, the fuzzy sweaters and the soft socks. My kids are at an age where they are always growing, like you blink and they grew-type growing. I am constantly trying to keep up with them and make every effort NOT to send them to school with high waters or exposed bellies – not necessarily always successful, not gonna lie. With the purging, I’ve come to really appreciate certain things. Maybe a fog has been lifted and I can now focus on what truly matters for me. With that, I want to share a few things that bring me joy.fullsizerender

I really enjoy reading but can’t always find the time to do a deep dive into a page turner so I have been listening to audio books. Mostly while I drive or exercise or right before bed are the times I “plug in”. I have had many, many headphones over the years, trying to find the “right fit”. My ear canal is oddly small so the traditional earbuds don’t fit in and stay. I recently found some headphones that stay in place, when I’m walking, jumping or running. We recently got our Powerbeats when we upgraded our new iPhones a few months back. The sound is awesome! They charge through USB and the best part of all….they are wireless.

As I was going thfullsizerenderrough the Whole30 challenge last month, I sipped kombucha in the evenings – it was my night cap. I found a ‘booch with a few different flavors that was brewed without sugar and super tasty. If you aren’t familiar with ‘booch – it’s it a naturally fermented probiotic beverage. It can aid and improve in digestion, provide mental clarity and mood stability, increased energy, and reduces joint pain. The brand I get, GT’s, as I mentioned is not brewed with sugar – the flavor is somewhat effervescent and tangy but has a smooth and sweet finish. If you haven’t tried kombucha yet, I highly recommend it.

fullsizerenderLast but not least is something I use EVERY day, my favorite facial cleanser. It’s from a local company called Ajara. Thinking back, I have used this specific product for over four years! The cleanser is so silky with small bits of coconut. I leaves my skin nourished and energized and extra clean without the use of harsh chemicals.

These are a few places where I find some JOY!

Steeping in the Joy,



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