Fall Fresh


I was going to call this ‘Pumpkin Season,’ but the more I thought about it, there is so much more to fall than pumpkin. Specifically, more FLAVORS than pumpkin. There is a colorful new crop of beauty foods ripe for the picking. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll explore pumpkin this season as well: overnight oats, pumpkin protein smoothies-  I love it. But let’s look at other beauty options. With a full spectrum of fall foods, you can maintain your healthy summer glow and transition into a new season feeling great.

Fall has us craving more grounding, warm dishes.

I made a couple dishes out of Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty Inside and Out by Jolene Hart.

Warm Fall Salad with Cranberry-Ginger Vinaigrette

It’s an anti-aging boost in a bowl with sweet potatoes, apples, cranberries, and ginger.

1 Large sweet potato, chopped            Vinaigrette: 1-2 inch piece of ginger

1 large apple, chopped                            1 cup raw cranberries

2 medium carrots                                      ½ cup evoo

1 head Kale , chopped                               2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar and Balsamic vinegar

Steam sweet potatoes and half of kale. Peel carrots into ribbons. Toss all together and set aside. Vinaigrette: rough chop ginger and combine with other ingredients into food processor until smooth. Salt and pepper to taste! YUM. *I added lentils for a protein kick.


The quercetin found in the skin is an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory, which is a skin care powerhouse protecting from free radicals and UVB damage. It’s is also a anti-cancer, anti-aging compound, and natural anti-histamine. The skin contains a phytochemical that defends against wrinkles and is full of pectin that fills you up and even lowers cholesterol.


Packed with antioxidants and anthocyanin pigments that protect cells, collagens, and lower aging inflammation. They promote good digestion, healthy lymph flow and help prevent UTIs. Full of flavonoids, cranberries increase blood flow to the skin giving you a nice glow.


Full of Vitamin A, 1 cup has 796% of your daily need, along with great doses of Vitamin C and B6. Vitamin A keeps skin smooth and collagen regenerating. And Vitamin B6 is important for sleep and healthy hair.  This complex carb will help keep you full without the glycemic index spike that could contribute to blemishes.

PUMPKIN SPICE PUDDING A guiltless indulgence- I had to, for all my pumpkin peeps!

1 ½ cup pumpkin                1-2 tbsp pure maple syrup

1 frozen banana                   2 ½ tsp pie spice

1 cup almond milk               1 tsp cinnamon

¼ cup flax                             1 tsp vanilla extract

Throw it all in a high speed blender. Can serve right away, or chill for 30+ minutes to let get a thicker texture.


Full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories this is a  great all around beauty go-to. Rich in beta carotene, one cup contains 7 times your daily recommendation of Vitamin A, which is crucial for your skin, nails, bones, and teeth. It’s lutein and zeaxanthin protect eyes and it’s high fiber and natural diuretic properties reduces water retention.

CRANBERRY SMOOTHIE I made this one myself with the last haul of red chard from my FIL’s garden.

Handful cranberries            1 tbsp flaximg_7550

Handful red chard               filtered water

½ inch ginger                      1 celery stalk

Mix it all up in a high speed blender and enjoy!


Biotin (Vitamin B7) rich chard helps your body absorb protein. Protein is very important in repairing damage and keeping skin, hair, and nails healthy. A deficiency in biotin can actually cause you to lose hair. Also very dense in both Vitamin A and C for cell repair, Vitamin E for UV protection, Vitamin K and calcium for strong bones, and lutein for healthy eyes and wrinkle help.

Bottoms up am I right?

More fall foods to incorporate:

Acorn squash-beauty mineral gold mine

Broccoli-inflammation buster

Daikon radish- crunchy cleanser

Escarole-bitter is better for anti aging

Figs-fruit of love. Boost blood flow to skin and…other areas of the body

Grapes- red for anti aging, protects DNA

Kohlrabi- support liver

Leek- cell defender

Pumpkin seeds- clears skin

Red cabbage-build collagen

Shiitake mushrooms- maintain skin elasticity

I always get more inspired about healthy recipes when I know more about what they do for my body, hope you do too! Here’s to keeping our summer glows well into fall.

Be sure to check out Eat Pretty– She has great suggestions for all the seasons.

Kimberly Snyder’s new book, Radical Beauty with Deepak Chopra also just hit the shelves this week. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. It also goes into food for the seasons, but dives deeper into Ayurveda principles, even moon cycles.

Steeping in Wellness,



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