Find Your “Why”

I’ve always been up for trying something new. I rarely turn down an adventure. When I was 20 I traveled across the globe to a world unknown (to me at least) for three months and experienced A LOT of adventure. I studied abroad, in the most unconventional sense. I traveled in a van across New Zealand & Australia with 19 other like-minded college students craving adventure. route-burn

(Photo Credit: Mary Marmorstone)

We bungeed, we rafted, we spelunked, we flew, we climbed, we camped, we survived – oh and we studied. It truly was a once in a lifetime. Many years later, I still reminisce of my time. I still feel my fire for adventure burnswith in me, more or less as a small pilot light version. I am different now but I still love to try something new.


(Photo Credit: Mary Marmorstone)

That need for adventure translates into my health & wellbeing as well. I have an interest in trying new diets, meal plans or workouts. The appeal for me is trying something different, with a purpose – and that’s exciting! So what I mean by that, with all of the diets that I have tired, they each had a purpose in my head. I didn’t just do something blindly. My suggestion would be, before you start something new, really understand your “why”. Why am I doing this? If your answer aligns with the program, then it’s a fit. I have talked to many clients who have a goal in mind and are struggling to accomplish something but aren’t necessarily sure how to go about getting there. I get it, we live in a confusing world with lots of influences.

I have had to ask myself that question recently. Over the last two years, I have struggled with a very specific issue that I have been trying to move past. Ever since I had my daughter, I have experienced joint pain – very similar to an arthritis type pain. The short of the long story is there are more avenues that I could go down with specific medications to try but personally, that isn’t where I want to go at this time. Our belief’s align when we say Food is Medicine (read Tori’s post here). With that in my mind, I have a strong feeling that something in my diet is causing this pain in my joints. I have read a lot on different diets and learned of the Whole30 meal plan through my sister. I have heard of it before but it never really spoke to me until I put two and two together and aligned the results to my “why”. I want to fully commit to this and find out what it could be. The program is very strict and limiting and potentially intimidating but I keep going back to my “why”. Today I am starting my 30 days.  I have read, I have planned, I have prepped, and I have shopped. I have my support team who is going through this as well. I am excited to go through this with them and be their support too. I will share my journey with you as a hope to inspire those who want to take a step toward committing to their own “why”.

Steeped in My Why,



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