Set Yourself Up For Success

When you think about your life and more specifically, a time when you were successful, what did that situation look like? Who was present? What challenges did you overcome? What pre-work or planning contributed to your success? These questions are helpful when we talk about building a supportive environment to help you accomplish your goals.

Let’s do a little proof in case…CONGRATS! You just got a phone call finding out you landed your dream job. WOOHOO! Ok, so I would venture to guess that job didn’t just fall in your lap…right?! You updated your resume, researched your job market, reached out to networking contacts, prepared for the interview, got that spiffy new interviewing outfit, made a major impression and BANG! you got the job. You set yourself up for success..

What if we were to translate that example to a wellness related goal that you’ve been targeting? You want to eat healthier, you want to feel confident in the new dress you bought for that wedding coming up this summer, you want to run your first 5K race OR maybe you just want to have enough energy to keep up with your children. Whatever your reason, these ideas could help prepare you for success.

  • Ink the Deal – Evidence proves that actually physically writing down a goal increases your chances to accomplish said goal. So get out your pencil, pen, crayon, whatever’s handy, jot-it-down – post it on the fridge, on your bathroom mirror, at your desk or even on your dashboard – whatever works so you can be reminded of your commitment as often as needed.
  • Building Blocks  So you did the hard part, you decided on your goal. What’s next?? Make an action plan for how you will achieve it. Put this into words that make sense to you. Remember the first part word is ACTION – or ACTIONABLE. Example…I will eat an additional fruit 5 out of my 7 lunches this week vs. I want to lose 20 lbs. It’s the HOW to your WHAT. These are the steps that will help you accomplish your ultimate goal.
  • It takes a Village: Build a healthy support system of friends family, co-workers, the guy at the deli counter (ok maybe not the last one). Tell them your goal and how you plan to accomplish it. Explain to them their part – how they can be supportive in this journey and maybe how they could sabotage it. Health coaching is a great means for support through this process, we’re here to help!
  • Our World – First think about your goal and then think about all of the sabotages that could be in place to stop you from reaching that goal. If your environment is not conducive to achieving your goals, you will be wasting a lot of energy trying to go against it every day. If your goal is to eat healthier, an idea would be to clean out your fridge and pantry to start fresh with the foods that will help you accomplish your goal. Do things to set you up for success that you actually LIKE. Huh? Yea, don’t buy kale if you don’t like it…try something new but also something that you will willing want to stick with.
  • Don’t start on a Monday – I know, weird right?? Let’s just put this one into perspective. Raise your hand if you looooove Mondays. Any hands? If I could actually see you out there in the interwebs, my guess is that very few hands flew up with excitement. So, why start something new on a negative foot? Heck, even Tuesday has a little better vibe than Monday.

Health Coaching can help you and support you through this process. Whether the first step is daunting or easily do-able, it’s a step and we are here for ya! Email us at for information on Health Coaching.

What has contributed to your success in the past?? Share them below!

Steeped in Your Journey,



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