Good Grief, Are We Still Talking about Gluten???

Well kinda.

As a Health Coach, I don’t believe all diets are good for everyone.

Not everyone has reactions with gluten, so not everyone needs to forgo the wonder of biting into a sandwich. BLT anyone???

Side note: how do you feel after eating a bagel? What kind of exercise do you really enjoy? What happens on the days you get a headache? Which relationships drain you? By getting curious you can start to realize what is keeping you unhealthy, and which activities make you feel fab. Set time aside daily to write down observations; ask yourself questions and/or answers as you gradually make progress towards self-understanding and better health.

Within the past year I moved my family away from whole wheat bread to a sprouted bread. My husband is a big sandwich eater and my son enjoys an almond butter spread.

Instead of forgoing all gluten in our lives, I traded up. It makes for a happier household.

I’m sure some of you have said buh-bye to all breads in your life, maybe eat a more paleo diet,  and are happier for it. I commend you.

This is for people looking for a better option.

So why sprouted?

  • Sprouting releases vital nutrients, producing a living food
  • The flour made from these grains offer more protein, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Enzymes are released which help breakdown the protein and carbohydrates, lowering the Glycemic Index.
  • Sprouting neutralizes phytic acid, a substance found in grains, which inhibits absorption of said vitamins and minerals (which is also why you should soak quinoa overnight before making it.)
  • Sprouting almost pre-digests the starches breaking them down to simple sugars. ( to grow, the sprout eats the starch, meaning less starch for you!)
  • Less Gluten. Easier if you are sensitive, but not recommended for Celiac or a true intolerance.


While all this is great, you have to remember it IS still a processed product. The grains are sprouted, dried, and ground into flour before being baked. And while the amount of protein is not muscle building, it does have all the amino acids to make up a full protein if you are following a vegetarian diet.

I feel better feeding this to my family. Sucks when you are trying to eat healthy, but not even absorbing the nutrients. This helps. I know Ezekiel is a popular brand. Stores have them. YES, more expensive.  I buy Angelic from Costco and BONUS they are local.

I love that. IMG_6528


Happy Steeping,




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