Take the Leap

About a month and a half ago I Challenged You – I put it all out there to inspire… urge… promote… convince YOU take the next step and challenge yourself – BIG or small – to take a step out of your comfort zone and do that something. While writing that post I was on the verge of taking that step myself. I was teetering on a significant job change. It was not only a job change but a life change for myself and my family. I think the thing that made this job change as significant as it was – in my mind at least – was because it was the first job change I have had since being a wife and mother. A lot has happened in the last 8 and a half years. I had more people to take into consideration this time around. Never did I ever image a 401(k) match to be a major deciding factor…hello paid time off ??IMG_5831IMG_5837IMG_5728

The biggest thing on my mind was the impact to my family. Positive, negative or just different, it was going to affect my family. In the big picture – 30,000 foot view – not so much. Both of my kids are young enough, they have no clue what happened. They continued with their same existence, same school/day care, same friends, same shoes, same. I pick them up at the same time every day and even get an extra day during the week to spend with them – BONUS! So why all the worry?? Well, because I worry – a lot. I always have, I always will. Another topic for another day.

Let’s fast forward to today. I took the job and life has changed for me. I am happier, a little less stressed and doing something that I absolutely LOVE. Period.

What ultimately helped me with this decision? I re-framed my mindset. The risk wasn’t the new job – the risk was ultimately in staying in my old job. Just by thinking about it from a different angle gave me the clarity and the “OK” that moving on was the right thing for me.


I took the leap, how about you?

Steeped in Life’s Adventures,



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