High Vibin’ #3

Kent 3

I often find inspiration through others. There are certain people that can walk into your life and truly make an impact – a certain magnetic appeal that makes you want to learn more from them and soak up as much knowledge as possible. That is how I feel about Sarah. We met a few years back at a company where I was the Wellness Program Coordinator and she was the consultant Health Coach. She is deeply knowledgeable in the area of dietetics. She has a zest for all things food but beyond that she has a way to connect with people and relate to each individual. I am excited to introduce you to Sarah – I hope you find the same inspiration that I do…

1. Tell us about your journey to becoming a Health Coach & Dietitian.

“Back when I was a freshman in college at University of Wisconsin- Madison eating late night pizza in the likes everyone else in the dorms, I certainly didn’t think much about food or nutrition. I had an “AHA” moment about a year later when I started experimenting with eating healthier and discovered the amazing field of dietetics. I have always LOVED science and food so when I learned that I could partner the two together I knew this is what I wanted to do. Food & nutrition can do AMAZING things to the body and mind and I wanted to share my knowledge with other people to help them feel better and get healthier.
Throughout my undergraduate studies and internship at UW Madison Hospitals & Clinics I had the opportunity not only to grow my clinical skills in nutrition therapy, but also advance my culinary skills. I grew a zest for trying foods from different cultures, advancing my own cooking skills and experimenting with less common fruits, vegetables and grains. I went on to earn my Master’s degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Alabama. I started and continued my 8 year professional career with Froedtert Health where I have worked in the hospital, outpatient clinics, and now Department of Workforce Health.
So that’s it right?! I have the information on food, cooking and chronic disease science so I just tell that to people and we all get healthy, skinny and feel energized…right? NOPE…WRONG!!! That’s where health coaching came in. I realized that even with all this amazing information, it’s still EXTREMELY difficult for the most of us to continuously lead a healthy balanced lifestyle. By working as a health coach I can walk with people on their journey to get to the person they want to be in all areas of their life and help people set small gradual goals which amounts to BIG long term changes. When we work together as a team we can accomplish more and feel better about where we have come from. I recently earned my certification as a health & wellness coach from Wellcoaches®.

2. What is lighting you up at the moment? (books, music, podcasts, people, places, products…)

Lovin’ these bountiful summer vegetables. I especially love beets. Their bright red color
broadcasts the powerful antioxidants. So tasty when roasted and put on a salad with blue cheese and pecans. I also recently made some vegetarian borscht soup (Recipe here). Such a great way to include all the veggies from my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and it’s great to freeze for lunches later on in fall.

3. How do you Steep In Wellness?

I “Steep In Wellness” by staying active. I have to do something active every day—whether it’s an interval class, ride my bike, or take a relaxing walk. When I do something active I am more positive, sleep better, less achy, more energetic…I am just a better me. My absolute favorite activity…walking my dog Ladis. Of course it’s always better with my husband along too or a friend to chat and pass the time. We like to pick new places to take walks or hikes around the Milwaukee area to change up the location and keep it exciting!

Kent 2

4. How do you nourish yourself/what do you do when you need a breakthrough?

Sleep. I think sometimes we underestimate the importance of sleep. Sometimes if I have a rough day I like to plan the next day with how I will get back on track and set everything out for success (prepare meals ahead, set out workout clothes, get to an early bed time). When I wake up, I know I am going to have a great day and it works every time!!

5. Today I am grateful for…

People. My husband. My family. My colleagues. My friends. People can have such an important impact on supporting (or inhibiting) a lifestyle to achieve wellness. I choose to try and spend more time with the people I love and know can help me continue on my wellness journey. They give me energy and fuel my motivation for success.

6.What is your morning routine?

I am boring. I eat the same breakfast Monday-Friday and save more elaborate meals for the weekends. Natural peanut butter on a whole grain or sprouted grain bread. It fills me up, I can eat it before a workout, I can eat it in the car, it’s super convenient and QUICK!! I have a filling mid-morning snack of Greek yogurt and fruit a few hours later to keep my energy going.
Sarah has such a positive attitude and contributes an amazing perspective to a balanced, healthy life. Her drive lends it self well to her work. She has inspired numerous people to accomplish their goals – Including ME! Sarah has coached me through my health journey so with that, I want to say a million times THANKS!
Steeping in Sarah,

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