Some of you may remember when I posted this:IMG_6547
I was floored when THE NEXT MORNING my post had nearly 100 likes. I think I got that same amount when I announced I had a baby, LOL! That goes to show the reach and impact Katie has on the lives she touches. This lady radiates. When I was thinking about highlighting people in the MKE area, she was one at the top of the list.

I actually met Katie 5 years ago at a Thai Bodywork training in Evanston, IL. (She is always learning something new, always pushing her boundaries.)

https://scontent-ord1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/185507_10101082190847800_7023952_n.jpg?oh=b2895518250598bb27429fdbafe3049d&oe=583415F9We immediately gravitated towards each other throughout the 4-day weekend. When I saw her walk through the door at INVIVO a few months ago, I ran to hug her. She started out personal training but quickly became our Wellness Director. I could not think of a more appropriate title. Without further ado let’s get to our questions! I knew she would lay down some wisdom for all of us.

Tori:  Tell us about your journey becoming the Wellness Director of INVIVO.

Katie:  “About seven years ago, I took my first Cycling class at the Downtown YMCA in Milwaukee with Dori Condon! Dori provided a welcoming, non-intimidating and educational environment – not to mention a heart pumping playlist and workout. With a lifetime of being the uncoordinated chubby kid behind me, this ONE class shifted my life path. The impact of building a fitness community and consistent healthy habits boosted my joy and energy. It was the first time in my 28 years of life that I felt anything was possible, due to feeling strong in my own body. A year and a half later, I set a goal to create experiences like Dori gave to me in everyday life.

In addition to teaching and training at the Downtown YMCA, I joined the Milwaukee Athletic Club team where I began as a Cycling, TRX and Bootcamp instructor and Personal Trainer. Next step was becoming the Group Fitness Supervisor and then I took on the Fitness Director role in 2013. At the MAC, I ran a team of 25-35 Fitness Instructors, Massage Therapists and Athletic Attendants. We did amazing things; introducing TRX Small Group training, growing Personal Training revenue, developing an annual Women’s Week and satisfying the daily needs of our beloved members.    

In 2015, I started training and teaching at INVIVO. Within months of being at INVIVO, I felt the effects of working in an environment with an extraordinary range of modalities. For the first time, I am able to discuss the safest path for a client with a Physical Therapist, introduce my clients to an Acupuncturist, recommend a specific Massage Therapist based on my experience (because employees are encouraged to take care of themselves too!), or walk a client to the desk to make a Chiropractic appointment. INVIVO has everything under one roof and I feel there are genuine, skilled healers here. My evolving view of the best care for my clients includes a variety of modalities to fit the client’s ever-changing life.”

T :  What is lighting you up at the moment? (books, music, podcasts, people, places, products…)

K :  “Awaken Gymnastics in Denver, Colorado – everything they do is lighting me up! Who wants to go?! I learned about them through the Tim Ferriss (is he my boyfriend yet?) podcast where he interviews Christopher Sommer, the founder of Gymnastic Bodies and former US Nationals Gymnastics coach. Phenomenal podcast. The idea that every workout is a page in your fitness book is so important – allow each workout to build upon the last. If you’re in the gym tearing yourself to shreds and getting beat up and sore for days, think about how that adds up over time versus small gains and smart recovery.

I also am addicted to big inhales of doTerra Breathe before my workouts and classes to open up my lungs!”

T :  How do you ‘Steep In Wellness’?

K :  “I Steep in Wellness by balancing the demands of life with a solid and consistent recovery plan. I’m also not afraid to try anything! My recovery plan includes Massage Therapy, Thai Massage, lots of sleep (don’t judge my 9PM bedtime!), hugs, cartwheels, long coffee dates with my BFFs, Float Milwaukee sessions, acupuncture, foam rolling, EMDR therapy and using my daily Get More Energy Checklist. The daily checklist keeps me on track with the daily habits that keep me uplifted! My email subscriber list just got a copy. If anybody wants free fitness goodies like this, they can subscribe here: http://seekatie.com/free-fit-foundations-toolbook/

T :  How do you nourish yourself/what do you do when you need a breakthrough?

K :  “Nature is my go-to for a breakthrough. Especially the ocean! No phone, sandy toes and saltwater floats are where it’s at for me! Or, just lying on my back in the grass watching the clouds drift is my favorite way to meditate.”

T :  What is your morning routine?

K :  “I wake up at 4:30 and make my bed. It’s such a gift to get into a bed that’s made at night! Next, I drink a glass of water while setting up my press pot for coffee so strong it’s chewy. With coffee in hand, I set a timer for 7 minutes and pray, practice a breathing technique and mindfully sip coffee. Then, three minutes of a headstand practice. My first breakfast is usually a banana before I workout. Post workout, my second breakfast is some combination of protein and greens!”

T :  Today I am grateful for…

K :  “Today, I am grateful to share the work of my heart and help people discover strength by being a Personal Trainer in a sunny, welcoming environment with extraordinarily talented and generous colleagues.”


So many nuggets right? I want to set my alarm for the morning so I have time to breathe and meditate while sipping my tea. And if you haven’t looked already, her email subscribers (I am one!) get even more nuggets like these, so go click on her link or check her website!IMG_4815


Steeping in the Journey,




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