Small Changes, That Smell Great

You may think like you are doing this thing called life pretty well. I know I did. Until at a Thyroid check they told me, “I think I feel a lump.” There is in fact a lump, but a biopsy taken two long, scary weeks later confirmed it was only a lump and nothing more. Thank goodness. I share this with you because it is real. Facebook and Instaglam don’t always portray that. It scared me and I know you all have things in your life that are scary too.  This finding left me with the “how did it get there??? Why??? What can I do differently???”  Turns out they can be pretty common on the Thyroid, especially in women. The doctor couldn’t give me a definite, but mentioned we are just at the beginning of knowing the effects of things like BPAs on the body, which could be a strong contender of unnatural environmental forces we face that change the way our bodies function. When I asked about diet, all I got was a “it couldn’t hurt.”  Well, for me, these are actions I can do something about.  I thought “I was good, I can be better.”  That goes for make-up (more on this later), cleaning supplies, even supplements. I have been overhauling all of this. We have to remember things don’t happen TO us, they happen FOR us. Maybe this was a little wake up call.

Not long before this happened, Invivo Wellness, where I work, started using doTerra essential oils.  Many of us have heard the benefits of using essential oils, maybe even own a few. And maybe you use them in your cleaning, or diffusing, or salt scrubs, or even cooking??? Being a Massage Therapist myself, I have incorporated EOs for years. But it was only recently that I bit the bullet and upgraded to the high quality products. What a great way to really clean up my daily environment!

Invivo offered a class I attended and now I am hooked. They offer a free intro to essential oils class every Tuesday, and once a month they have a specific topic. Last month’s class taught how EOs can be used to help with stress/anxiety. This month is Essential Oils for Women’s Health & Hormone Balance. The timing! This is the perfect class for me, considering my recent revelation. Beret and Biz will be discussing the role of estrogen and the myriad of ways if affects the body. To learn more visit:

I am happy I have these little bottles with me now.

I hope whatever you are going through that you remember it’s not happening to, but for you.



In case you want some other ideas:

I’ll be going camping this weekend and we will be using this:

We use this at work for cleaning:

Clients love this for sore muscles:

My new scent:

Pinterest has TONS of fun ideas too!


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