High Vibin’ #1

I’m a sucker for what other people are up to. I learn so much about what is going on in the community and how other people live their lives. Maybe it’s a way to double check I’m on the right path or see it as a nudge to change course.

That’s what it’s all about right?

We are going to highlight some people living in Milwaukee who are shaking things up, pushing their own boundaries, and in turn,  inspiring others. This is the first in a series where we will ask just a few questions, hopefully a piece will resonate with you.

Our first lady is Danielle.

She is the one you can always count on to have a great big smile on her face and some crazy story of an adventure she and her husband were just on. When she isn’t busy ‘tucking’, she spends her days working at a local technical college. Here she manages a grant, coordinates service learning projects (students completing career related support for nonprofit organizations, free of charge :)), and teaching. Danielle is also the one that got me in my first Barre class over a year ago. After you read what she has to say I’m sure you will see why we wanted to highlight her! #goodvibetribe.  Now, in addition to her full time job, you can find Danielle instructing at the new Barre District opening July 9th in Tosa.


Tori:  Tell us about your journey getting to where you are now with Barre.

Danielle:  “I started with an initial Barre class last March and went with two girlfriends for a fun day of trying something new. The class was enjoyable and tough, I knew it was a great workout and that I was more out of shape than I wanted to be, but never thought of it as something I would incorporate into my daily/weekly routine. After a couple months of my friends going more consistently, and seeing their results, I decided to commit to a month unlimited and see what I thought of it- I was quickly hooked! I built muscle in places I’d never seen on my body before and felt generally stronger! My workout routines had been pretty spotty since college, (I graduated 10 years ago!) attending random yoga classes and running irregularly, etc.- not making the time for fitness as a priority. I used to run- when I lived on the lake in Madison or in Bay View, and do a lot of hiking in summer- fitness needs to be fun for me to stick with it and that’s what I found in Barre. The group classes gave me the accountability I needed and the instructors kept it fun, varied and engaging enough to make me want to make it a part of my lifestyle. The transition to becoming an instructor feels like a natural step in my lifestyle choice and builds an added layer of accountability which is important in keeping me fit. The atmosphere that is created at Barre District is one of motivation and fun, feeding my mind and body through a mixture of yoga, Pilates, and ballet inspired movements- the friendly feel and opportunities for both community (monthly class with a cause) and social connections has been an added bonus!” http://www.barredistrict.com/

*Bonus* for any Mamas out there- Barre District Tosa will be offering childcare for some classes!

T :  What is lighting you up at the moment? (books, podcasts, albums, people, places, products…)

D :  “I finally made the plunge and joined Outpost’s co-op, I’m an owner now! Part of my decision came from the fact that I have more recently taken up drinking kombucha as a part of my daily routine. I love Nessalla Kombucha, based out of Madison and Outpost carries it in growlers, which they charge a bottle deposit for to encourage bringing back for reuse! Anything sustainably focused excites me! Along these lines, I recently signed up for the MightyFix from MightyNest and am awaiting my first monthly delivery of a sustainably focused product to help live a healthier, more conscious lifestyle, http://mightynest.com/the-mighty-fix.

As I’ve started to develop my own barre routines, I’ve looked to our other instructors for inspiration and have also enjoyed searching around on Pinterest for blogs and videos- trainer Jake DuPree is super energizing! Barre District’s owners are lighting me up continually- seeing two strong women build a positive community of building other women up and growing their community from one studio to an added second location is inspiring! Their positive encouragement and mentoring as I take on this new venture has made the new challenge so positive. I can’t say enough about their free monthly class with a cause, where they ask for donations for a local nonprofit organization or cause- what a great way to connect with our community and to push their “good vibe tribe” to give back!”

T :  How do you “Steep in Wellness”?

D : “Prompted by a friend who encouraged me to take advantage of my employer’s wellness coaching program, I recently attended my first wellness coaching sessions at work, I was asked to review my daily routines. What a great opportunity to check in on this! Protein shakes, tons of fruits and veggies (already pulling a ton of kale and lettuces from my garden!), lean proteins, and my daily dose of kombucha keep me energized daily. I use an essential oil diffuser every night- with tea tree oil, eucalyptus and calming or nighttime mixes for a good night’s rest. Activities that bring me joy generally involve spending time outside or in nature. In my third year of more involved gardening, I find it brings me a sense of calm, accomplishment, and enjoyment- the beautiful flowers and hand-grown food are always so exciting to see come to fruition! I can’t get enough hiking, camping, or canoeing in summer, and enjoyed a lazy day with a nap in my backyard hammock, next to my husband and two dogs, this weekend! It’s the little things.”

T :  What is your morning go-to?

D : “I have a plant based, chocolate nutritional shake for breakfast almost everyday, with added pomegranate seeds, banana, berries, kale, vanilla almond milk and coffee (my only coffee of the day) all blended in!”

T :  How do you nourish yourself/what do you do when you need a breakthrough?

D :  “For the past six years, my primary means of healthcare has been acupuncture. I originally started going to treat my anxiety, recurring sinus infections and headaches and quickly found that it provided me with so much more! When do you give yourself an hour alone to focus inward? Trying to stick with a bi-weekly schedule, I take the hour to focus in on positive mantras, and guide myself through a relaxing meditation. If I haven’t gone in a while or am feeling like I need some extra self-love and care, I know that I can find it in the recliner  (it’s a community based acupuncture clinic with an open room/recliner environment). http://milwaukeecommunityacupuncture.org/

T :  Today I am grateful for…

D :  “Love, support and encouragement from those around me as I take on new challenges and opportunities for growth. Also- sunshine, swimming and summer!”


Who wants to meet me at the Barre?
Happy Steeping




I Challenge You!

You know that THING that you have been wanting to do, that’s been on your mind for the last day, week, month or even longer. Whether it is trying that new spin class down the road, booking that once in a lifetime vacation, finding a new job,  volunteering more, fostering a pet, investing in a new venture, whatever it is that will potentially make you happier, healthier, more empowered, fulfilled, satisfied, do I dare say richer 😉 – I CHALLENGE you to just do it!

What’s the worst that could happen? Stay positive and focus on why you truly want to do this thing. Is it for the benefit of your health? Your family? Would it help your stress levels? Would it allow more time for you?

Write it down or better yet, tell us! Feel free to share in the comments. Then do it!

Health coaches support clients through many of these life challenges. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of health coaching, email or message us!

Steeped In Your Journey,