Harnessing Your Intuition

 We have all been here before: “Today is the day! I am going to eat right and do that workout my friend was talking about. She is looking great. I got this.” And maybe that lasts a week or maybe even two. But that two week mark is a doozy. You have to work late or it was daylight savings and you lost that hour to work out so your whole day is shot. Or my husband brought home leftovers…

Self trust is a powerful tool that many of us need to harness. If you haven’t read Megan’s blog on Setting Yourself Up For Success I suggest you go do that now. She listed some great suggestions on getting started!  Because in order to succeed we need to trust our own instincts and desires. We need to be able to trust ourselves to follow through. Self sabotaging tendencies will indeed creep in. It’s much easier to stay the course than tell your husband that you made a  healthy dinner and he should save those leftovers for his lunches. Life is always going to throw us curve balls, it is how we react to them that builds our inner resolve.

You can build self trust by making it a continued practice. But be sure your goals are really what you want. The only way to know that is to slow down, maybe that means journaling or turning Facebook off. Take the time to allow those thoughts and feelings to be heard. And when that little voice does make itself known, honor it! This part is the hardest of all. Being without distractions can be a scary place. Fear can keep us stuck.

Take a moment and grab a pen, pick a goal that you have struggled with or gets you excited.

  1. What is one fear you have around doing this?
  2. When you really examine this fear, do you believe it is true or will come true?
  3. What is it costing you to hold onto this fear?
  4. What are the benefits of letting this go?

I would bet you could even come up with a few action steps to reduce that thought to move forward.  Having us as your Health Coach could help you through this as well, email us at steepedinwellness@gmail.com and we can start to work on clarifying the mind-body connection.

In order to succeed we must be able to trust our own instincts. Be clear with your goals, commit, and acknowledge yourself when you have kept your promise! The more you see yourself following through the more self confident you will become with the big stuff.

Steeped in Your Journey,